Saturday, December 30, 2006

Did you have a great Christmas?

We had a very nice holiday here in the H home. Keith spoiled me for sure (again). He surprised me with a diamond journey pendant on Christmas eve and then I had DVDs of Charmed and West Wing, CDs of Carrie Underwood, Mamma Mia, Toby Keith and Leanne Womack to open. He bought "us" a new TV for the kitchen, a new crockpot, and me some pajamas, books, and the newest American Girl mini doll. **I am really just a kid at heart**. We spent Christmas day with my Mom and Bill, and then had both Tuesday and Thursday to ourselves. Yesterday, my brother Greg and his family made it to PA for the wedding today. I am taking it easy this am since I got my hair put up into a "do", and don't want to mess it up.

Not sure of our plans for NY eve yet, although we have been invited to a party. We might just see my brother, wife and niece and then come home to be together. As Christmas break nears its end, I am thinking I want to just enjoy my home and my husband.

Fun test

I always liked to test my vocab knowledge . . .

Your Vocabulary Score: A-

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Holiday MeMe

I don't usually do these but with Christmas less than a week away, I saw this while blog surfing, copied it, and now want to share for anyone who still stops by. . .And if you do, I think you should add this to your blog!!

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate although I try not to have it too much due to the sugar

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? No kids, but I wrap all gifts. When I was a kid, my parents wrapped them all, so I would too.

3. Colored lights on tree or white? Many many colored

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No

5. When do you put your decorations up? It depends on what is going on. Last year it was over Thanksgiving weekend but this year it was from December 9-16th!! I think it was due to the fact that we were out of town till after Thanksgiving, and it was early this year.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Ham sandwiches and cookies!!

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Probably going to midnight mass with my parents and brothers. And then watching them get so excited over gifts on Christmas morning when I was old enough to "know" about Santa

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I was in 5th or 6th grade I think

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? As kids, we always opened our exchange with each other, and now hubby and I open one gift before bed.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Colored lights, and the ornaments are ones that have meaning for me. Many were mine growing up, and when my parents split up, I "inherited" many of the glass ornaments. Since then, Keith and I add a few each year.

11. Snow! Do you like it or Dread it? I am OK with it, but I hate to driving in it.

12. Can you ice skate? No

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? I think it would be the hope chest my husband got me the first year we were married.

14. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? nutrolls

15. What is your favorite holiday tradition? We have a traditional Christmas eve dinner with my dad's family, go to midnight mass, and the open gifts Christmas morning. After that we go to my Mom's for brunch and see her family.

16. What tops your tree? A star with lights in it. . .we used to have the one that was on my family's tree but it has seen better days, so this is the first year we have a new one.

17. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? I love both, but my favorite is giving, there's something about watching the other person open the presents, I just love it.

18. What is your favorite Christmas Song? O Holy Night

19. Candy Canes yuck or yum? ick

20. Fruitcake? No way.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

So much to tell

There has been much going on and movement since you last read about my somewhat boring life. We left for San Diego on November 18th, and had a wonderful time being warm, and meeting our nephew and godson Carson for the first time. The christening was on Sunday, and it was a very nice event with family and friends. We were able to spend time playing with Adam (my other nephew) on Saturday, and Mila too. I was babysitter for Adam on Monday afternoon, and then we hit the SD zoo on Tuesday with everyone which was fun. Doug and Adam, and my dad left Tuesday evening so Wednesday was "our" day. . .Keith and I went on the SD trolley tour so we could shop and enjoy the day. We arrived home early Friday morning, napped, and then Keith left for hunting.

I shopped, watched football, attended a party and got my nails done while he was gone. Besides that, I did clean a bit but didn't put up any Christmas decorations like I did last year. So, its the 9th and there are none up yet, but I go on break from school on the 15th. Yeah, yeah, its a great one!! We have 18 days off and I deserve them all. I had to test 8th graders today, and we had 57 show up which is a good amount for our small school.

Last year, I did most of my shopping at stores, and this year, a large amount has been done online for various reasons. One is that I got alot of free shipping, and the other is that certain gifts were only available or easier to find via the internet. Most of it is done, but it does leave the decorating, wrapping, hardtack candy making and card sending left to do. However, I am in more of the spirit this year than last although it will be the first year without my grandmother.

She really did instill in me the fun in giving, and for years I wrapped all of her gifts which were high in number until she discovered gift cards. It will be sad missing her this year. We have a wedding on the 30th, and Greg, Reggie and MIla will be in to visit over that weekend so we will be able to give her gifts instead of mail them. I wish Adam would be here too cause Christmas is more fun when you see your nephews and niece open gifts. Carson won't realize it this year, but the next few would be fun. Maybe some year all of us will be able to be together. (Or Keith and I will win the lottery and fly from home to home over the 3-4 days to play Santa!!) yeah, here's hoping.

Well, we are off. Last week we spent alot of time at home, so we are heading out for some shopping and dinner. Its cold but sunny so we should appreciate these days.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two different areas of my brain. . .

First, I took some type of personality/career test in grad school which says that I should "work with people" but also reported I could have been a surgeon or a detective. Well, the surgeon part, I am not so sure about, but the detective part. . .I have to do that every day when dealing with the kids. Did I mention that sometimes I have to figure out what they need me to do on THEIR college apps? This week, I wasn't a detective in the finding out stuff, but more like a DA in trying to find out what type of consequences we give to students who need some.
However, I have played detective recently and was able to find out some information via the internet that I never imagined I could find. I guess putting 2 and 2 together isn't as hard as I once thought it to be when maneuvering around the web. I am still not so great when it comes to some issues with web, computer, etc. . .but I have figured out a few problems with our grading system, and "detectived" myself to find out something I wanted to know. And now I do.

Second, Keith was at ND this past weekend for the game, and I was at home. I shopped a little, made lasagna for dinner today, cleaned the fridge, did some laundry, changed the sheets, organized a few areas of our home, and enjoyed some me time. I did get a few gifts for Christmas, but mostly I just enjoyed being busy doing things that needed done. There is always more to do, and I am still trying to get rid of things we don't need. It just takes time to dig yourself out when you have more than you need.

This week ahead is a 3 day with kids but I have a meeting one day, too, conferences, and a day off. I am getting my hairs cut and highlighted tomorrow, work Tuesday night, and have a wedding next Saturday so I also need to find what I am going to wear and make sure it is all together (and I have pantyhose!!!). We leave for San Diego and the christening on the 18th so that week will be busy as well. I guess I really need to appreciate these moments when I can clean and organize since time is just moving by quickly. Does anybody else feel the need to just "hold on for the ride" somedays?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A few weeks later

Life has been busy again. Today was the school's annual open house for prospective students, and we had a good showing. We have mass, brunch, and then tours with our student ambassadors, a group of which I am in charge. I think we had the most interest this year than we have in a while. Many times we get only those who want to go to school here, and not those who are searching or considering schools. Anyway, its over, which means that I can go back to working on college apps and rec letters instead of worrying about who will be where etc. I do need to send out about 50 of our "brochure books" but will be able to take care of that this week.

Really not much else going on. Keith and I have been watching Notre Dame games on TV. . .and next week he is going out with my Dad for the game. We have had both time at home on the weekends, and time visiting friends. Last week Junior Woman's club had a dance. Although it is supposed to be a fundraiser for the entire club, we had only 21 people there, and only 8 members. That is really sad cause we had the potential to make so much more money. I think I would rather pay $100 in dues than have these fundraisers cause no one ever seems to want to support them after the members say they want to. We were supposed to have a comedy night in the spring, but the comedians are much more to "put out" for so I don't know if we are even going to consider it.

Speaking of Juniors, at October's meeting we made beaded necklaces/bracelets using my and my Mom's beads. I asked for $6 for bracelet and $10 for a necklace (which we decided should have been more). Well, one of the members made a 24 inch necklace using some really nice beads so she got a deal. I know she would not have made that one if I had charged by the bead or by the inch like I used to have to do when I didn't have my own. She is just the kind of person who would do this even when asked not to use so many of the beads when many won't be seen due to being around the back. I really should have said anything over 18 would be an additional amount of money but I really didn't see her taking all the rather pricey beads she did. I guess I learned a lesson, although I already knew she was kind of a "taker" anyway. It seems she always has a plug for herself or something she wants.

I still have many papers to grade for the end of the quarter but we are off school tomorrow and have until Wednesday to get them in the computer. We are having problems with our online grade company, and while people keep telling me, I don't know what to say cause I don't have that much experience or knowledge with computers. It is just frustrating cause I want to be able to help but I just can't seem to find the time to look into all that this entails. We need an expert.

Well, I am thinking I need a little nap. I am just kidding but it is really a fall, lazy day today. I have 2 4 day weeks in a row, and then we have a full week but on the 18th we leave for San Diego and the christening. I think we might appreciate the warm weather by then. Fall seems to be blowing in here!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A weekend with nothing

Last weekend was "full" of stuff. . .I taught my last underage drinking class for this cycle, a bridal shower, an Apple Fest and an evening of food, drink and conversation at a friend's. The week didn't get much better since I had to drive 30 miles to do some paperwork for my 2nd job, and then work at 2nd job on Tuesday. I hosted a meeting here on Thursday, so Wednesday was cleaning and prepping day. By Friday night, I was happy to just sit on the couch and watch TV with hubby.

We did end up eating out and doing a bit of shopping yesterday. It was 25% off for educator's at Borders so I got my 2007 calender, a book for me and a gift for hubby for Christmas. I also picked up 2 pair of boots at Walmart. They are suede like but stretchy and have a wedge heel. I haven't had anything like this, but have been wanting something like this for wearing out. I usually don't wear heels but these are wedges so I think they should be more comfy. The price was right for something I won't wear daily or walk in much so I got both black and brown. I started the shopping by needing coke/pepsi and sprite/sierra mist for a taste test in my Psych class, but we ended up with a bit more stuff.

Last Sunday was just a gorgeous Indian summer day here, and we spent it outside at an Apple Fest where I got 2 gifts for niece and nephew, some delicious Honey Crisp apples, and a new decoration for our front door (for spring though so I have to wait a while to use it). We also walked among the over 1000 cars that were there for the car show in this small town north of us. It was a great way to spend the day, especially since this weekend, although sunny, is 20 degrees colder than last weekend.

Today, we are going out to brunch, and then I want to make a beaded bracelet for a co-worker whose birthday was last weekend, read a bit, and enjoy a lazy day. I have much to do this week, and next weekend appears to be a busy time as well. I am making a list of things I must complete this week. . .like pick up our sponsor paper from church so we can send it to my brother for his son's baptism in November, call about a craft show at which I would like to take my bookmarks and magnets, and do my lesson plans for the next month. It was nice to have some days to just enjoy home and each other.

**I did watch a bit of QVC cooking day yesterday, but didn't buy anything which was good for me!!**

It is good to be back here and keeping track of my world.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Declutter my world

Over the past 6 months, I have been selling books, CD and a few DVD on Amazon. I am not making a huge amount of money, but since many of the books were received at little or no cost, it has helped us a bit with spending money. I think I have made over $350 minus the cost of shipping which has enabled us to eat out and have a bit of fun while trying to get ourselves out of debt. I know there are more things I " could" sell, but I am not sure I have the time to photograph them and get them set up on either ebay or craig's list. Since a few of the things are furniture or vintage large pieces of furniture, craig's list which is free and local is the way to go, but I still have to prep everything. All I know is that it would help us money wise, but it would also be great to have a chance to get rid of things that take up space. I sometimes buy DVD or CD and then realize I don't NEED them (which is easier to discover than. . .) or WANT them. So, I intend to clean house again and see if I can sell more things. . .
If I had a flea market close, I would probably go and sell fairly often but I hate yard sales cause its so much bother when there are few who stop. At markets however, more people usually means more sales. I am also trying hard to avoid buying more when I don't NEED OR WANT.

On that thought, though, I do need (OK, want) some new jeans and just can't seem to find the time to get to the stores I want to explore and try on some new jeans. I have not bought myself a pair in about 5 years. . .I usually do prefer to wear skirts or khakis but sometimes you just NEED jeans.. . .LOL

Monday, October 02, 2006

Isn't it ironic?

Irony is wanting to talk to a trusted friend about personal thoughts on something, and then realize that the one friend you really trust enough to listen, understand, etc. . .is the friend who you want to discuss.

Irony is also when people who are open to new thoughts and non-judgemental are the ones who end up judging you before you are even given a chance to listen or understand.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Here I am

I know how long it has been since I posted, and its not that there is nothing to say or that I haven't been checking other blogs. I do and I have, but somehow I just wanted to enjoy my summer and then all of a sudden, school started. However, there were some high points. . .

**On 7/7, my nephew and godson, Carson William was born in San Diego, and although we have seen pics of him, we are looking forward to seeing him at his christening in November.

**We had a fantastic time in Cape May. . great weather, great food, and my Dad drove out with us and stayed with us, which I think has helped our relationship and we enjoyed being together for a trip.

**School started with the most kids ever in the past 10 years, and I feel good that my hardwork has helped to build enrollment.

**This year, I am taking the time to enjoy the meetings with kids, the retreats, the time I spend with classes, etc. I know its only October 1, but I want to make this a positive year.

**I have read many books over the summer and this fall, but mostly about the food industry. I would never give up my guidance counseling for working as a chef, etc, but it is interesting to read about the work, the restaurants, etc.

**I have been trying to sell some books on Amazon to help with expenses, but then I go and spend it on beads. I guess I should be trying to sell some jewelry etc. I did have fun this summer creating new pieces and earrings and would probably be working on something now, but I spent the weekend trying to feel better. The first cold of the season has caused coughing, aches, and illness.

**This is really a new start. We had a computer that was not working but things are remedied for now, and I miss being able to look back at my old entries now that they have disappeared. However, this can be a new beginning for a new season.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday weekend

For many its a holiday weekend, for me, its just another week off for summer break. But it is also a time when I don't feel guilty for not going into school to see what is happening there. We had some family fun these past 2 days, and have more planned for this week. On Saturday, there was a huge family reunion for my grandmother's descendents/siblings, etc. There are: (from my great grandparents. ..) 7 children (my gram was one), 47 grandchildren (my mom), 98 great-grandchildren (me) and 46 great-great grandchildren (my niece and nephew). I know so many of my second cousins cause I was the 3rd oldest great grandchild. . .and older than some of my mom's first cousins. I also know many of the younger generation cause they are attending St. Joe's. It is fun to see some of these folks outside of work. . .and its only every other year so its fun to have the reunion.

Today we drove with my Mom and Bill to Portage for a picnic which got majorly stormed on. We had great food, laughs, card games, and a peaceful drive. I hope its nice enough the next couple of days to head to the pool, and we will be heading to MJ's for a picnic on Tuesday.

(Since I am using this laptop, I have hit an "8" at least 10 times while typing cause my nails are long. . .I want a bigger computer keyboard!!)

On a closing note, I have been thinking of a few friendships I have had that have drifted off. And it makes me feel sad. I wish I had done things differently to keep them alive because each of the women brought something to my life---wisdom, laughter, listening, and just being there. I know that friendships end, but I have always wanted myself to be the one who would work to keep them alive, and I feel disappointed in myself that I couldn't or didn't. I am very happy to have my friends from college still around, and that Laurie and I have restarted our friendship, but I miss these 3 women for many reasons.
And I just don't know if I can make things right or get back to a point where we are as close as we were, but maybe I should try. I do believe that sometimes friends give you what they have and what you need for a time, but after sharing so much, it hurts to see things end.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What is wrong with me?

I can't believe I let so much time go by. Its not as if I haven't had time. . .I have since school was officially finished on the 9th. Of course that doesn't mean that I have all day to play. I have been here at least 3-4 mornings a week, and sometimes more depending on the week. I have a borrowed laptop at home since our computer was quitting on its own, and we just haven't had a chance to get a new one yet. But we will. . . .yeah, like I do everything. . .soon.

Life is good though, although we are getting alot of rain. There is much to tell, so I will do some highlights. . .

~We had an estate sale at my Gram's and I have a few things to remember her by. . .especially some glasses and a really beautiful table cover from Germany. It will be really hard to see the house sold, but happy that another family may be able to have some great memories there.

~We celebrated our 5 year anniversary at the Melting Pot restaurant (very yummy and very fun!!), and with a gift of diamond stud earring to me. Now I just need to remember to wear them, and feel comfortable and not worried I will lose them.

~We have plans to go to Cape May for vacation in August. .beach, sun, good food and family.

~We have been working on the house, and have some great shrubs out front since my hubby has worked hard to put them in,
and we need to get some bricklike things to edge it.

~We spent the first weekend in June in South Bend at my 20th college reunion with my friends, Sharon, Marci, Joanie, Molly and Teri. It was a great trip, beautiful weather, and a fun memory trip. Its amazing that 5 husbands, 9 kids, 20 years, many states and even another continent can't end friendships. It was like we had just been together as we laughed, caught up and promised to not let this much time go by without a visit again. Marci and I went to see our old dorm which after 20 years has the EXACT SAME bathrooms with no updates. Ugh. They were pretty bad then, but as a 42 year old, we see how what our parents saw. . .!!

~We have some plans for this next week that should be fun including an extended family reunion, a visit with Bill's family (my Mom's husband), and a trip to the Butler county fair with my Dad for his birthday.

~Keith's daughter, Tracy was in town for a surprise (but sad) visit. His ex-mother-in-law died but she had been very ill, so I think the family was sad but also felt relief for her suffering. Anyway, she spent the day with us on Friday as we ran errands, and then took her out to eat and shop at the new mall.

I fully intend to try to get here more to update if there is anyone who stops by anymore. Have a great week.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

what happens in 3 weeks

Well, many a thing has happened since I blogged last, and while I was busy over Easter break with all the things I last mentioned, it was my grandmother's death that took the toll out of me this week. She had been in a Catholic home for about 2 weeks and we saw her on Easter. A week later, she died in the hospital. . .peacefully and easily for someone who has been so ill and having such difficulty breathing. We didn't have the funeral until Friday so out of town cousins (and my brothers) could get here. It was a peaceful celebration of her life because that is what it was. She is with my grandfather again after being seperated for over 3 years, and we are happy that she has found peace again with good health and love. Anyway, the past week has been one of emotional ups and downs with seeing family, but also missing my last grandparent, and seeing the end of a generation in my family.
I had to miss the senior retreat, and still have no idea how it went since we haven't been back to school (obviously), and I hopw things went ok. This week are the last of my junior parent meetings and the prom along with D"UI group, dentist appointment, and getting started on the award banquet stuff. May is the month I feel like I disappear and work takes over, but we do have some fun things going on. Keith's birthday is at the end of the week, and our friends have a cinco de mayo party so we should have some time to celebrate his life.
***A last thought on my grandmother before I continue to pick up this house and get things organized since I haven't been home much. My grandfather died exactly one week before his next birthday, and my grandmother's birthday would have been today. . .one week after she died. Tell me there isn't a heaven where your loved ones wait for you. . .

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can we start again?

Although this line, from a song in Jesus Christ, Superstar, was not meant to mean what I mean, it really fits with my days. Each day feels like its slipping away, and I have things that need accomplished but also are things I cannot do alone. So, I try to plan, do what I can, and hope it will all work out in the end.

Easter break begins today for the most part. . .we have no kids here tomorrow when we have an inservice with grade school teachers/principals. I am dreading it cause the one thing I don't want to be for the next day is nice to strangers. Yeah,, that sounds cruel, but sometimes you just need to be with a dear husband who can listen to you and understand why you need time away from work, from family, and from yourself.
I have some plans for the next few days. . .a long-awaited trip to Penzey's Spices, a baby shower for my sis-in-law, Wendy who is coming into town with brother for a short weekend (Thursday-Sunday from CA). It should be nice, but there are other family issues surrounding my grandmother's health and care, so who knows what the day will bring. I hope to find some time to shop, read, grade papers, balance the school checkbook, enjoy some nice weather and just breathe and live.

For those who know, we are coming into the months of life that get very crazy. . .End of April is on overnight retreat, an 8th grade test, a career test, a Prom, grades, an Award banquet, graduation, and more pressure to make sure the whole grade system is correct. Its a good thing I am teaching my Psych class about stress. . .I might need to re-learn and re-think a little in that field. This is always that time of year when I need to "stop" and enjoy what the day has brought, and I really do tend to forget. I know its important to my well-being, but for some reason, I let the "other" voices in my head talk louder than the one that can keep my calm and focused. I need time with friends, but can't seem to find any. I need to talk to someone who understands, but am not sure anyone really does. I need to cry and feel bad when I do cause it doesn't help.

So, I take it moment by moment, find some good music to listen to, and give love to those around me. Somehow, I make it through and feel better in the end.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Time flies. . .

If I had enough time or space to talk about all that happened since I was here last, the reader would either be 1. bored within the first few minutes or 2. happy to see I am still alive or 3. wondering if I had enough space as I rambled on. So, I will give the highlights of the past month. . .

•I attended the conference and had a great time learning and meeting new people. I have spoken to next year's president whom I met last year at my very first conference, and I am hoping to be able to help next year with something. She reminded me to email her and let her know what I would like to do. I also met 2 other counselors whom I spent most meals with and whom I shared information from the workshops. I brought back new ideas and new stuff, and got energized to finish the year with success

•The 6 hours on the train caused me to be obsessed with The West Wing which I watched on my personal DVD player. . .oh how I love that thing.

•Work has been busy, I am in the middle of a DUI class, it has been cold, and I want spring to come sooner.

•My brother, Reggie and Mila were here last weekend. It is fun to see my niece and how she is becoming older. She wasn't strange at all with us, and we are thinking about going to see them in June for my brother's 40th birthday.

•Tomorrow is the Junior's spaghetti dinenr, and I am going up to work shortly to set up so we wont have as much to do tomorrow. We also have a wedding this afternoon, so after cooking meat, setting up and making sure things are ready, I need to shower, wrap a gift and go. On the plus side, we are having prime rib for dinner!!

•I did a craft show last weekend, and didn't sell too much, but I am still planning on doing some at Christmas. I think that it will be better. What I really need to do is to advertise my bookmarks on book club sites, or through book club members. Most people at the sale were looking at food. I guess they were just hungry.

•I am so looking forward to Easter break. We want to go to Penzey's spice store, the Fiestaware outlet and the outlets to get Keith a coat and shoes. I also know of a bead show the Monday after Easter so I am hoping we can get there as well. With Easter later this year, it makes break seem very far away. But, it will get here, eventually.

•I started a new idea this year . . .meeting with Junior parents to discuss next year's applications for college, scholarships, etc. I made myself available 3 evening and some during the afternoon times. So far, I have about 7 or 8 parents signed up, but I think more may at a later date. . .if not, at least I tried.

Well, the cable guy is here to fix us up with new equipment so we have better service and channels. And I need to get ready to go for 10 to set up.

I really hope there are still friends out there who stop by. . .I hope to be around more often.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Early Mardi Gras

Although my {fake-non-leap year) birthday is the REAL Mardi Gras date, we are having a small gathering of friends tonight to celebrate the event coming on Tuesday. I came home from work yesterday and made spiced pecans, the rub and "mop" for the pulled pork, and a cheese spready thing. I wanted to get it done so I wasn't a crazy woman today, and so we could take care of decorating, running to get fresh buns, and a few last minute items. Worked well for me, and I am ready for some fun and friends tonight.
Last night, MJ and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Didn't get home till after 12, and then had to prep the meat to get it in the crock pot to cook all night. However, sweet hubby had already done the dry rub and seared it, so I just needed to make sure it had the "wet" stuff on it. We are waiting to run errands till after we put it on warm, and then will take care of it when we return. Anyway, the musical was great, and we had a fun time having a drink after at the bar next door. We don't ight traffic if we do that, so it works to our advantage. After tonight, we have concert tix for Martina on Sunday, I work Monday, we will have dinner out on Tuesday, and I head to Lancaster, PA via a train early Wednesday morning.
Its the PA School counselor's conference, and I am ready to learn and meet new people and feel like I am among other professionals who do what I do all day. I even picked up a couple of new sweaters to wear so I will "feel" better.
Well, I need to get moving. . .have a great day!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Friday

Well, I missed Valentine's day. No, not in real life. . here in my blog. I wanted to come and write a friendship or love post, and the day just flew by. I did however, get a dozen red roses from my hubby which was very cool since I never had roses before. I am not the hugest fan of roses, but they are beautiful. And why am I not a huge fan? Well on Tuesday, after the delivery to my office which is small, I began to cough and experience a really bad headache. When I left the room to teach, it stopped and then started again when I returned. I left the roses here for Wednesday and was bringing in a vase for a few to leave here all week and take the rest home. Headache and cough return, and I think. . .am I allergic? So, Keith came and took 8 home and left 3 here (1 already was dead. . .not in the water at all), and I felt better. At home, the scent is not too bad, so I can live with them in our bigger than my office house. However, I do doubt I will get red roses again!!

This weekend in dinner birthday with Dad at Morton's Steakhouse. . .Yummo! as Rachael Ray would say. I have some beading things to work on for a craft show I am doing in March, and I want to get out my Valentine day cards to friends who didn't get Christmas cards cause I was too busy. See a pattern here? However, I am sending the cards. .late but with love. I wanted to type a letter all week, but never got to it, so a 3 day weekend might allow me to do it. However, I teach my last UAD class on Saturday and have to do the completetion letters on Monday and I have an appointment for a haircut and highlight. . .I think. Once again, my memory and busyness get to me. . .

I will be back later!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend over again

Its Sunday again, and time for another week of work. This weekend, though, didn't revolve around a football game. I did have to work on Saturday morning again--teaching a UAD class, but we had some fun Saturday night. We had tickets to see Terri Clark (only those who are country fans will recognize!) at a smaller type of venue. We were served a dinner of barbeque chicken, ribs, baked potato, etc. It is a packed place and I had a hard time getting out of my seat to go to the bathroom, but you have a great view of the artist. and Terri was excellent. She joked with the crowd as she introduced her songs, and she had energy but also gave a litle information about herself and her band. To me, that is better than someone who just sings. . you kind of lose their personality.

Anyway, today is a people are weird kind of entry too. When we got to our seats, we should have been sitting next to each other at the table but the people who were at our table did the across from each other thing, which makes it hard to talk or touch each other. We should have told them to move cause they sell the tix to be like that (side by side) but I didn't think of it at the time. Also, he didn't eat his dinner which is odd cause why pay for it if you aren't going to? And the people next to me were kind of zombie like throughout the evening which makes me wonder why go? Yeah, so observations of the weekend. . .people are odd.

I bought a DSM IV to use in my Psych class before we went to the concert, and thought about reading it today but then I realized how odd/weird that would make me!! So, I am beading and reading a "Dear America" young adult book instead. Relaxing, jammie, cuddle kind of day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Somedays I just wonder

OK, where to start with this one. Yesterday, Keith had an appointment with his doctore to follow up on his blood pressure and his meds, and to look again at his glucose levels cause the doctor mentioned they were "high" last time. So, he goes to the appointment, but although we had discussed him trying to get away with diet and exercise to control issues for now, I never mentioned to him what levels I knew were "good" versus bad, etc. Anyway, his HgA1C was 5.7 (which I know is in the normal range) and the doctor decided to put him on Metformin. And not just a minor dose to see what would happen but 2000mg a day within the first 10 days. . . .yeah, so I have been diagnosed type 2 for over 2 years, AND have had numbers as high as 9.1 when having blood tests done, and I take 2000 mg a day. Sounds kind of extreme, don't you think?

Well, we discussed it, I checked more of my information, and I emailed my sister-in-law who is an internist just to see what she looked with these numbers, and Keith decided he wants to just watch his blood sugar since I have a glucometer. Um, yeah, and it was 84 before dinner yesterday. . . without meds. Of course, today my battery died in the am, so we can't check it in the morning till tomorrow, but I am thinking he made the right decision for now. And I have an appointment with my doctor in late March so we will be having a discussion about this as well.

On another note. . .did you know it is National School Counselor's week this week? I had an inservice with principal and asst. principal today so we had some lunch, and I have been giving tootsie pops to my classes and anyone who stops by my office. Sometimes school counselors get a bad rap. Recently a radio station here said that "guidance counselors do that cause they can't do anything else". If I had not been driving I would have called to give them a piece of my mind. But, I know there can be "bad" ones out there. . .Just like in any other profession. I just don't like the idea that I fell into this cause I didn't know what else to do. I choose to do what I love, and this is it. So, thank your school counselor, or your kids, this week. I say they deserve it!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


And yes, its finally SuperBowl Sunday so all of the Steeler stuff you see on the news, on the local stations, and in the papers will be calming down. However, since the game has not started yet, I guess I can say that it could get worse if the Steelers end up winning the game cause then we will have 25 million evaluations of the game and players. Don't get me wrong, I am a Pittsburgh girl at heart so even though I am not the hugest fan of pro-football, I want to see my team win. . . .and Jerome Bettis (good old ND guy) is a main reason why I want to see them win.
So, I am here to say. . .I really had great intentions to blog more, but for some reason, I just have not made the time. I want to, but I just don't seem to do it. I guess I need to make the same statement again. . ."I have lots to say, and I want to get here to speak more often." Maybe this week I will try to "talk" daily as a challenge to myself.

I am working at DUI on Monday nights and also Saturday mornings currently. This makes my weekends short for sure. Yesterday, though, we hit the new Sam's and Wal**art near us to check out the size and to fight our way through the crowds shopping for food for today. I also got a new blouse, ordered a text I need for Psych class, and bought some Victoria's bath gels and lotions. We had a great dinner, came home and crashed. Today was surely a lazy day to be at home, but I did iron, clean up, get Valentine's gifts ready for nephew and niece, prep some food, and read a little. Oh yeah, and managed to see soem Charmed on the marathon. . .

Life is good. . .cold, a bit snowy, and surely hectic in this city of Steelers, but good. Have a great week. And I will be here each and everyday with something to say that is more than replaying my days.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

It WAS the weekend

I can't believe its Sunday evening and I will be heading back to work tomorrow. But, it does tend to go fast when you do nothing much all weekend. Friday, I came home a bit early with horrible cramps, but felt OK enough by noon on Saturday to go to a home show, shop a bit at Michaels crafts and Lane Bryant, and have dinner at Outback Steakhouse. However, by night, I had horrible sinus pain and couldn't breathe.
So, here I am again, fighting a cold. I really think I should have made sure I got a flu shot, but I just didn't think of it when they were making the announcements. Two years ago, I was the healthiest and that was when I had the shot. Sometimes, being around sick high schoolers can make it worse.

This week will probably fly by because I have deadlines at work, a visit with L on Tuesday (who is doing better but still weak. . .more on her after I see her), and nothing much planned till Super Bowl Sunday. Since the Steelers are in it, a friend is having a party but I am pretty sure Keith and I will stay here. For one, I may need to get to bed since I work a long day on Monday. And for two, Keith would rather watch the game here AND our TV is bigger than the one our friend has. For the biggest game of the year (for my hubby) that means he would rather be at home.

On an entirely different note, I am going to be an aunt again. My sister-in-law from CA is pregnant after a long and trying time to get there. I am very happy for her and Jeff cause I know how much they have wanted to start a family. It is fun being an aunt. . .I just wish they lived closer to us.
Well, I am off to take more cold meds, and get ready for a work week. I know I need to get myself writing more, its just a bit hard to think about what to share somedays. . . .

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Taking it one thing at a time

So, I have a busy week ahead. I have planning a banquet (small one--27 people) at a local restaurant, have tickets to see a play (Miss Saigon) on Saturday, AFTER I attend a meeting for Relay for Life with 2 people from work. In there, Keith and I also will be attending a blessing for my mother and Bill which means by the Catholic church since they can now be married by the church. Sunday, the Steelers are playing so there will be some get together of the friends circle, and then Monday its back to work both at day and at night. Hm. Maybe I felt sick today because of all I have coming up.

Whatever it was, I was home today feeling under the weather with stomach issues. Enough said, and I feel much better now.

I know things have been boring here, but I am not sure what things I want to discuss so far. And, it is still getting used to blogging again that is part of it. I know there are things to discuss, issues to voice opinions on, and life to report on, but for now, I am taking my days one at a time.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday. . .the 13th

Today would have been my grandfather's birthday. He has been gone for 3 years this month, but I still expect to see him when I go and visit my grandmother's home. It has not been easy for my Mom and her sisters since they have had to have care for my gram 24/7 since he died. They have daytime caretakers that she pays for, but at night, each of them takes a night or two to sleep there, and weekends are all theirs as well. My mom finally had enough mentally for many reasons, and stopped going on a regular basis (plus they travel to see my niece and nephew and brothers) so it was tough for her. Supposedly my gram is on an assisted living waiting list, but no one knows when there might be a place. It has been tough. And I know first hand cause I did help for a while but I really thought it was temporary and my schedule with 2 jobs just got to be too much.

Anyway, the computer is updated. I am happy about that, cause now we can use safari, can get rid of dial up at home, and things are working better.

Tomorrow is a day of errands, and I guess football for hubby in the evening. Notice, once again, not too much going on here in my life, but thanks to all who stopped in or emailed to let me know you got my message about the change. I do like having a place to "write and sort things out".

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day two

I really need to get my imac updated with OSX, and use either safari or netscape on it. I can't even get to my own blog when
I am using IE since it isn't as compatible with macs as is used to be.
OK, so things are a bit boring around my life right now. I am currently trying to get grades done for semester end this week, plan a small banquet for Junior Woman's, and recover from the upper respitory infection. I am still coughing and have sinus issues, but I do feel better. Last night, a killer headache hit, though, but sleep and a cold cloth on my forehead helped. . I never really thought it would work, but after Keith brought me one, the headache did subside.
It's Wednesday, its January. There isn't much going on. But it is day two of my new home.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have missed blogging

Even though I had been neglecting my blog, I have missed it, so I am back again. I just decided to go with blogger and all the issues that come. I really don't have major complaints yet, and although I may be spoiled by having my "own" domain, I can live with this as long as it gives me a voice.