Saturday, February 25, 2006

Early Mardi Gras

Although my {fake-non-leap year) birthday is the REAL Mardi Gras date, we are having a small gathering of friends tonight to celebrate the event coming on Tuesday. I came home from work yesterday and made spiced pecans, the rub and "mop" for the pulled pork, and a cheese spready thing. I wanted to get it done so I wasn't a crazy woman today, and so we could take care of decorating, running to get fresh buns, and a few last minute items. Worked well for me, and I am ready for some fun and friends tonight.
Last night, MJ and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Didn't get home till after 12, and then had to prep the meat to get it in the crock pot to cook all night. However, sweet hubby had already done the dry rub and seared it, so I just needed to make sure it had the "wet" stuff on it. We are waiting to run errands till after we put it on warm, and then will take care of it when we return. Anyway, the musical was great, and we had a fun time having a drink after at the bar next door. We don't ight traffic if we do that, so it works to our advantage. After tonight, we have concert tix for Martina on Sunday, I work Monday, we will have dinner out on Tuesday, and I head to Lancaster, PA via a train early Wednesday morning.
Its the PA School counselor's conference, and I am ready to learn and meet new people and feel like I am among other professionals who do what I do all day. I even picked up a couple of new sweaters to wear so I will "feel" better.
Well, I need to get moving. . .have a great day!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Friday

Well, I missed Valentine's day. No, not in real life. . here in my blog. I wanted to come and write a friendship or love post, and the day just flew by. I did however, get a dozen red roses from my hubby which was very cool since I never had roses before. I am not the hugest fan of roses, but they are beautiful. And why am I not a huge fan? Well on Tuesday, after the delivery to my office which is small, I began to cough and experience a really bad headache. When I left the room to teach, it stopped and then started again when I returned. I left the roses here for Wednesday and was bringing in a vase for a few to leave here all week and take the rest home. Headache and cough return, and I think. . .am I allergic? So, Keith came and took 8 home and left 3 here (1 already was dead. . .not in the water at all), and I felt better. At home, the scent is not too bad, so I can live with them in our bigger than my office house. However, I do doubt I will get red roses again!!

This weekend in dinner birthday with Dad at Morton's Steakhouse. . .Yummo! as Rachael Ray would say. I have some beading things to work on for a craft show I am doing in March, and I want to get out my Valentine day cards to friends who didn't get Christmas cards cause I was too busy. See a pattern here? However, I am sending the cards. .late but with love. I wanted to type a letter all week, but never got to it, so a 3 day weekend might allow me to do it. However, I teach my last UAD class on Saturday and have to do the completetion letters on Monday and I have an appointment for a haircut and highlight. . .I think. Once again, my memory and busyness get to me. . .

I will be back later!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend over again

Its Sunday again, and time for another week of work. This weekend, though, didn't revolve around a football game. I did have to work on Saturday morning again--teaching a UAD class, but we had some fun Saturday night. We had tickets to see Terri Clark (only those who are country fans will recognize!) at a smaller type of venue. We were served a dinner of barbeque chicken, ribs, baked potato, etc. It is a packed place and I had a hard time getting out of my seat to go to the bathroom, but you have a great view of the artist. and Terri was excellent. She joked with the crowd as she introduced her songs, and she had energy but also gave a litle information about herself and her band. To me, that is better than someone who just sings. . you kind of lose their personality.

Anyway, today is a people are weird kind of entry too. When we got to our seats, we should have been sitting next to each other at the table but the people who were at our table did the across from each other thing, which makes it hard to talk or touch each other. We should have told them to move cause they sell the tix to be like that (side by side) but I didn't think of it at the time. Also, he didn't eat his dinner which is odd cause why pay for it if you aren't going to? And the people next to me were kind of zombie like throughout the evening which makes me wonder why go? Yeah, so observations of the weekend. . .people are odd.

I bought a DSM IV to use in my Psych class before we went to the concert, and thought about reading it today but then I realized how odd/weird that would make me!! So, I am beading and reading a "Dear America" young adult book instead. Relaxing, jammie, cuddle kind of day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Somedays I just wonder

OK, where to start with this one. Yesterday, Keith had an appointment with his doctore to follow up on his blood pressure and his meds, and to look again at his glucose levels cause the doctor mentioned they were "high" last time. So, he goes to the appointment, but although we had discussed him trying to get away with diet and exercise to control issues for now, I never mentioned to him what levels I knew were "good" versus bad, etc. Anyway, his HgA1C was 5.7 (which I know is in the normal range) and the doctor decided to put him on Metformin. And not just a minor dose to see what would happen but 2000mg a day within the first 10 days. . . .yeah, so I have been diagnosed type 2 for over 2 years, AND have had numbers as high as 9.1 when having blood tests done, and I take 2000 mg a day. Sounds kind of extreme, don't you think?

Well, we discussed it, I checked more of my information, and I emailed my sister-in-law who is an internist just to see what she looked with these numbers, and Keith decided he wants to just watch his blood sugar since I have a glucometer. Um, yeah, and it was 84 before dinner yesterday. . . without meds. Of course, today my battery died in the am, so we can't check it in the morning till tomorrow, but I am thinking he made the right decision for now. And I have an appointment with my doctor in late March so we will be having a discussion about this as well.

On another note. . .did you know it is National School Counselor's week this week? I had an inservice with principal and asst. principal today so we had some lunch, and I have been giving tootsie pops to my classes and anyone who stops by my office. Sometimes school counselors get a bad rap. Recently a radio station here said that "guidance counselors do that cause they can't do anything else". If I had not been driving I would have called to give them a piece of my mind. But, I know there can be "bad" ones out there. . .Just like in any other profession. I just don't like the idea that I fell into this cause I didn't know what else to do. I choose to do what I love, and this is it. So, thank your school counselor, or your kids, this week. I say they deserve it!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


And yes, its finally SuperBowl Sunday so all of the Steeler stuff you see on the news, on the local stations, and in the papers will be calming down. However, since the game has not started yet, I guess I can say that it could get worse if the Steelers end up winning the game cause then we will have 25 million evaluations of the game and players. Don't get me wrong, I am a Pittsburgh girl at heart so even though I am not the hugest fan of pro-football, I want to see my team win. . . .and Jerome Bettis (good old ND guy) is a main reason why I want to see them win.
So, I am here to say. . .I really had great intentions to blog more, but for some reason, I just have not made the time. I want to, but I just don't seem to do it. I guess I need to make the same statement again. . ."I have lots to say, and I want to get here to speak more often." Maybe this week I will try to "talk" daily as a challenge to myself.

I am working at DUI on Monday nights and also Saturday mornings currently. This makes my weekends short for sure. Yesterday, though, we hit the new Sam's and Wal**art near us to check out the size and to fight our way through the crowds shopping for food for today. I also got a new blouse, ordered a text I need for Psych class, and bought some Victoria's bath gels and lotions. We had a great dinner, came home and crashed. Today was surely a lazy day to be at home, but I did iron, clean up, get Valentine's gifts ready for nephew and niece, prep some food, and read a little. Oh yeah, and managed to see soem Charmed on the marathon. . .

Life is good. . .cold, a bit snowy, and surely hectic in this city of Steelers, but good. Have a great week. And I will be here each and everyday with something to say that is more than replaying my days.