Saturday, February 25, 2006

Early Mardi Gras

Although my {fake-non-leap year) birthday is the REAL Mardi Gras date, we are having a small gathering of friends tonight to celebrate the event coming on Tuesday. I came home from work yesterday and made spiced pecans, the rub and "mop" for the pulled pork, and a cheese spready thing. I wanted to get it done so I wasn't a crazy woman today, and so we could take care of decorating, running to get fresh buns, and a few last minute items. Worked well for me, and I am ready for some fun and friends tonight.
Last night, MJ and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Didn't get home till after 12, and then had to prep the meat to get it in the crock pot to cook all night. However, sweet hubby had already done the dry rub and seared it, so I just needed to make sure it had the "wet" stuff on it. We are waiting to run errands till after we put it on warm, and then will take care of it when we return. Anyway, the musical was great, and we had a fun time having a drink after at the bar next door. We don't ight traffic if we do that, so it works to our advantage. After tonight, we have concert tix for Martina on Sunday, I work Monday, we will have dinner out on Tuesday, and I head to Lancaster, PA via a train early Wednesday morning.
Its the PA School counselor's conference, and I am ready to learn and meet new people and feel like I am among other professionals who do what I do all day. I even picked up a couple of new sweaters to wear so I will "feel" better.
Well, I need to get moving. . .have a great day!!

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Shannon said...

wow... that sounds like a fun get together with your friends... have a great week :)