Thursday, June 28, 2007

Computer Issues and news

I was doing so good about posting more often, and then whap!! I stop. There are reasons behind this, though, so bear with me. First of all, last week was the leadership workshop, two nights of work, dinner out with friends, and date night with husband. So, I rarely was online except to check email. On Thursday, after work, I found out that our second line was not working (again. . .happened a few months ago). After discussing with hubby, we decided it was time to go for the com**cast net connection, and have phone, net and TV through them. Instead of calling to get the 2nd line looked at (outside trouble if it was like the last time), we registered for the new connection, cancelled the 2nd line, and ordered a new laptop from MAC. However, for some reason, we are unable to connect to our primary phone line easily with the borrowed laptop I have at home right now. So computer use has been sporadic and not so good.
The good news is that as of July 7th, we will have our com**cast connection up and running AND the new laptop that is OURS and not borrowed from school will be hooked up to it. I have been online at my Mom's, work, and even at the hotel in State College where we were for 2 days for my DUI Instructor workshop. We are home now, and I am getting ready to leave school for home, and thought I wanted to leave a note.

I accomplished so much today to prep for next year, and to wrap up some of last year's stuff. I love when I have a workday like this when I can and feel like I actually got something done.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random thoughts

**Summer vacation officially started on Wednesday after a lunch with the faculty. I wasn't overly keen on going since I was a bit miffed at some of the others who:
**had students who failed but didn't notify either me or AP so we could get letters out sooner. Ended up doing a rush job on Wednesday.
**had problems with grades online, and didn't realize it until they were already given out, so then phone calls abound.
**look at me like I am crazy when I ask if I can reach them if I have questions on grades/schedules over summer. Hey, I am union too but some of my work doesn't get done until everyone else's is done. *sucks I know*
**grouchy and demanding attitudes. That says it all.

Anyway, I went in Thursday briefly but have leadership workshop next week so I managed to avoid the place on Friday except to take my nephew in to meet our secretary. We went to the pool then. He is a cutie and talks like crazy. . .funny kid, but aren't they all to some extent.

We are having a gathering here today so we have been prepping food, the house, the outside, etc. Its hot, but at least there is no rain. Its supposed to be humid and very hot this week. . .of course, I have workshops from 10-2 each day. I am hoping to get to the pool after Monday/Wednesday even if I have to sneak myself out. After all, it is my summer vacation too. I am getting a little more protective of my time. As I said, I am union, and I should be off all summer. But due to the way things are with records, schedules, etc. I do have to go in. I try to keep it to the mornings and not on Fridays. So far, so good.
Enjoy the day.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

We had a fun weekend for our anniversary, and the weather was blue skies, sunshine, and gorgeous all the way. After a semi-early trip to the strip district for some veggie buying and perusing the cultural stores, we headed to the shops at the waterfront where we had fun exploring, listening to some music, and enjoying the day. We finally ate at P*F* Chang's where we were supposed to go for my birthday and it was delicious. We also spent some time playing games at Dave ***and Buster's where I was able to shoot at dinosaurs and criminals. It must bring out my aggressive side to do this. Yesterday, we headed out to a park for Keith's great-nieces grad party. We seem to miss alot of his family get-togethers so I am glad it worked out for Sunday.

Now, on to more important thoughts. (Are you kidding me?) The question of the day is: Are you a one bottle at a time bath gel person, or do you have many that you choose from on any given morning. I am the latter, and usually have at least 5 or 6 bottles of gel/lotion going at the same time. I guess I just can't make up my mind on any given morning, so I need to have choices. And since I have a (too) big stockpile of gels and lotions, I can do this. Currently, the faves are: Strawberry from the Body Shop, Tropical Passionfruit from BBW, and Iced Tea Twister from BBW. (And that is only 3 of the 6 I have in the shower at the same time. . . its a good thing only 2 of us have to share the shower!!)

More later, I want to get on the road to do my paperwork for job #2.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is it really 6 years?

This Saturday, Keith and I will have been married for 6 years. That is amazing to me on so many levels. One is the complete quickness of passing time, but more than that is the fact that I had put marriage in a "back" area of my head prior to meeting him. At 35, there was no steady man, or even one that was tempting me into marriage. I was happy with my job, my friends, and the world I was living in. Later the year I turned 35, and thought about where I was, I was coerced into a blind date by a former student. It was his supervisor, and we were meeting at a local bar on a Sunday night. I almost didn't go, but was called and told "I had to", so I gave in. (Never did have much backbone!!)
I met him, and within a month we were dating seriously, and got engaged when I had a leap-year birthday and turned 36. Next year is another leap year. . .and I will be 44. Where does the time go? Keith and I have always felt like we've known each other forever, but also have enough differences to keep us from being boring. He likes that I have friends to go out with for theater; he gets to watch sports on TV. He likes that I plan alot; he goes along for the adventure. We find we can finish each other's thoughts, but weirder still, we sometimes find we are simultaneously thinking of something that is similar without ever speaking of it before.
So, 6 years. . .and odd number to celebrate, but we are. Life is too short not to take the time to enjoy each other.

We are spending the day together (which means by the end, we will be happy to have some time apart!!). I want to go to the strip for some early morning produce/specialty store shopping (its a fun place in Pittsburgh) to the Arts Festival, out to dinner, and wherever our Jeep takes us for the day. It may rain, but we have umbrellas. Just a chance to get out and enjoy the anniversary of our day. . .and the end of my school year with students.

Now, to remember what the 6th anniversary is? Anybody know?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Over and gone

Graduation is over, and I slept last night. For the past week, I have slept in only one hour increments which really interferes with sleep stages and REM. I tried to "relax" as everyone at school said, but the racing thoughts didn't help me get the sleep I needed. But, today, I feel better since I did sleep.

Things went well, although we did have a bit of drama before when a student who was not able to walk showed up. There is still a tuition balance of significant amount and the rule is they cannot walk or receive the diploma. It is hard to have this happen, but we have to follow rules. Things were handled, she left and the ceremonies went off very well, and I was home by 9:15 pm.

Today, the sun is shining and I am hoping to sit poolside to get some sun on my pale legs and enjoy the company of either friends or a good book. I am not even sure what is left on my reading list cause I haven't read a book in over a month. Hard to believe MAY flew by and its June. But, it always seems to be that way. I have many late birthday cards to send, so I want to work on that tonight. Life begins to resume its regular pace, and we have only 5 days left with kids and then 3 teacher days the next week. I am looking forward to mid-June weekend cause my brother Doug and nephew Adam are coming in for a visit. Doug is going to the Open, so Mom and I get to keep Adam occupied all day. A three year old. . .tiring but fun. And we never get to see him that often.

Bye for now, and don't fall off your chair with 2 posts in two days. I am returning.

Friday, June 01, 2007


There is something about a clean piece of paper or a clean area to blog. It gives me a chance to write about whatever is on my mind. Currently, its racing around fiendishly. It has been the month from hell that May always is, but this time, I really did try to make it easier for me by starting with "stuff" early, and it worked. However, those around me failed to co-operate, and I ended up in tears a few times.

Teachers were told grades were due on 22nd by 9, and I didn't get some until after 3 that day. They were told that debts of seniors were due by the 23rd, and I got some after we had already had rehearsal on the 29th. We didn't judge the time well enough for our Senior class day program, wanted to send the kids to either go to homeroom or 4th period and teachers gave us attitude. Awards on my part were started in late April, and the day before I was still being given awards and needed to get certificates made.

I know it doesn't sound rough but there are parts I don't want to go into here. The worst part was last Friday. I was sort of "in charge" of the day since both our principal and asst. had to be out. As we tried to move on after the senior activity, I got attitude as I said, but worse was that after the kids were all gone, the 2 people I am fairly good friends with left with 2 other teachers, and went to lunch. OK, so I don't know this for sure, but when I entered the office as they were all gathering, the looked at each other and then waited until I turned my back for 2 minutes to leave together. Maybe its paranoia, but I doubt it. Anyway, it hurt and I cried. And as I cried, I thought about the people I feel (or felt) closest to in this world besides my husband. And cried more. Wendy, my sisterinlaw, lives in CA, and has a baby so we don't talk as much as we did and she is far away. Yet, I wish I could be closer almost daily. Another friend and I are sometimes hit or miss, but its my fault for not being in touch over the past 2 months. And I still miss the friendship I had that ended with another soul. She may have lived far, but we talked almost daily, and I miss that and her unique love of life. It still hurts that I haven't heard from her in over a year. I guess I wasn't the friend I thought I was.

OK, so this is not a pity party, but it was an emotional night. Keith and I ended up going out to dinner and shopping. (for me~~) I got some Bath and bodyworks stuff, some books, and some gifts for Dad for father's day. Saturday morning, I cleaned out the gels and lotions I had, the candles I didn't want and took them to school for freebies. And all but one candle out of about 12 were taken. It felt good to give them away, and while I am trying to forgive, its not so easy to forget.

Tonight is graduation. Its been a rough two weeks, like it seems to always be, but this year was more personal than just stress. However, today we got pics of a party with drinking and had to deal with that before we left. I am currently in my graduation dress with hair done and ready to leave about 4:45. I like to be there first to enjoy the silence and to double check what I was supposed to do. And after 9 pm, I will be home to enjoy my weekend.

Things at school have many ups and downs and I am not sure why. I feel that a few of our teachers feel more "entitled" when it comes to things. Morale seems low to me, or maybe its just mine. I do have support and a comrade in our asstprin., but its frustrating to feel like I do right now. I want to get out of it, but maybe I just need to feel appreciated instead of "dumped on" (for lack of a better way of saying it).

On a more positive note, we are going to Disneyworld on December 15th for a week, and it will be a way to escape from reality. We also will be in Phoenix and San Diego for 2 weeks this summer to see the nephews, and I hope we can head to Brooklyn in the fall to see my niece and her new baby sister (due in July)

I want to write more. I need to write more. So, let's hope I can use this space wisely.