Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random thoughts

**Summer vacation officially started on Wednesday after a lunch with the faculty. I wasn't overly keen on going since I was a bit miffed at some of the others who:
**had students who failed but didn't notify either me or AP so we could get letters out sooner. Ended up doing a rush job on Wednesday.
**had problems with grades online, and didn't realize it until they were already given out, so then phone calls abound.
**look at me like I am crazy when I ask if I can reach them if I have questions on grades/schedules over summer. Hey, I am union too but some of my work doesn't get done until everyone else's is done. *sucks I know*
**grouchy and demanding attitudes. That says it all.

Anyway, I went in Thursday briefly but have leadership workshop next week so I managed to avoid the place on Friday except to take my nephew in to meet our secretary. We went to the pool then. He is a cutie and talks like crazy. . .funny kid, but aren't they all to some extent.

We are having a gathering here today so we have been prepping food, the house, the outside, etc. Its hot, but at least there is no rain. Its supposed to be humid and very hot this week. . .of course, I have workshops from 10-2 each day. I am hoping to get to the pool after Monday/Wednesday even if I have to sneak myself out. After all, it is my summer vacation too. I am getting a little more protective of my time. As I said, I am union, and I should be off all summer. But due to the way things are with records, schedules, etc. I do have to go in. I try to keep it to the mornings and not on Fridays. So far, so good.
Enjoy the day.

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