Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is it really 6 years?

This Saturday, Keith and I will have been married for 6 years. That is amazing to me on so many levels. One is the complete quickness of passing time, but more than that is the fact that I had put marriage in a "back" area of my head prior to meeting him. At 35, there was no steady man, or even one that was tempting me into marriage. I was happy with my job, my friends, and the world I was living in. Later the year I turned 35, and thought about where I was, I was coerced into a blind date by a former student. It was his supervisor, and we were meeting at a local bar on a Sunday night. I almost didn't go, but was called and told "I had to", so I gave in. (Never did have much backbone!!)
I met him, and within a month we were dating seriously, and got engaged when I had a leap-year birthday and turned 36. Next year is another leap year. . .and I will be 44. Where does the time go? Keith and I have always felt like we've known each other forever, but also have enough differences to keep us from being boring. He likes that I have friends to go out with for theater; he gets to watch sports on TV. He likes that I plan alot; he goes along for the adventure. We find we can finish each other's thoughts, but weirder still, we sometimes find we are simultaneously thinking of something that is similar without ever speaking of it before.
So, 6 years. . .and odd number to celebrate, but we are. Life is too short not to take the time to enjoy each other.

We are spending the day together (which means by the end, we will be happy to have some time apart!!). I want to go to the strip for some early morning produce/specialty store shopping (its a fun place in Pittsburgh) to the Arts Festival, out to dinner, and wherever our Jeep takes us for the day. It may rain, but we have umbrellas. Just a chance to get out and enjoy the anniversary of our day. . .and the end of my school year with students.

Now, to remember what the 6th anniversary is? Anybody know?

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