Thursday, June 28, 2007

Computer Issues and news

I was doing so good about posting more often, and then whap!! I stop. There are reasons behind this, though, so bear with me. First of all, last week was the leadership workshop, two nights of work, dinner out with friends, and date night with husband. So, I rarely was online except to check email. On Thursday, after work, I found out that our second line was not working (again. . .happened a few months ago). After discussing with hubby, we decided it was time to go for the com**cast net connection, and have phone, net and TV through them. Instead of calling to get the 2nd line looked at (outside trouble if it was like the last time), we registered for the new connection, cancelled the 2nd line, and ordered a new laptop from MAC. However, for some reason, we are unable to connect to our primary phone line easily with the borrowed laptop I have at home right now. So computer use has been sporadic and not so good.
The good news is that as of July 7th, we will have our com**cast connection up and running AND the new laptop that is OURS and not borrowed from school will be hooked up to it. I have been online at my Mom's, work, and even at the hotel in State College where we were for 2 days for my DUI Instructor workshop. We are home now, and I am getting ready to leave school for home, and thought I wanted to leave a note.

I accomplished so much today to prep for next year, and to wrap up some of last year's stuff. I love when I have a workday like this when I can and feel like I actually got something done.

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