Sunday, November 02, 2008

New look as well

After my post, I realized I had a summery look, so while this is not my own design, it does reflect autumn for me.


Somehow, I let time get away from me. . this summer, after school began, and up until today, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed reading my own posts as a "look back". Today, I searched for an entry from 2006, and as I read my own words, I enjoyed the remembers that came into my brain. So, today, I want to write so I can look back on these days again when I want.

Summer passed with little incidents, but much fun. I spent my days working in the morning, at the pool in the afternoons, and enjoying the summer festivals and such during the evenings. We worked hard at our church festival a week before we took off for California to visit our families. We spend the time with my brother, W and our godson, and had a chance to see Keith's daughter and family as well. We were the babysitter for 4 days while J and W flew back east to attend a wedding. It was a fun time, but boy does he have the stubborn gene.

Another kidney stone ended the summer but I didn't need surgery just time. . .3 and a half weeks to be more exact and really uncomfortableness since it caused me to feel like I had to "go" 24 hours a day for the last week or so before it passed. Not a lot of pain, but miserableness!!

Changes have been happening at work which is what is taking time. We are building a new building to house a gym and classrooms and offices, with a phase two (when it happens) that will include a new office for the guidance counselor. Me. We are dealing with new employees to help us grow and make our lives about teaching and not what else it could be. We have had some growing pains, which I have learned happen as changes occur.

November is bringing more work, open house, some fun times with friends planned, and of course Thanksgiving as well as shopping for Christmas. We should see some family this holiday as J and W just booked flights and G and R with daughters should be in as well.

In closing, while life may seem boring and nothing new happening, I have made it more so in my mind. I am trying to appreciate each day for what it brings, laugh a little, look for the good in the kids (and teachers), and find a quiet moment to do what I want. . .cook, bead, read, watch a favorite TV show, or listen to a CD. Last year at this time, I was worried A LOT about the health issues that popped up with blood tests. I still have the same, but after the tests read negative, I trust the doctor treating me, and will have faith it is just to be. I am currently to receive the last of 14 iron IV treatments on Thursday, so now I wait for a check up in December to see if I need to continue. I can live with that, and I can love each day for what it brings.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Friday of summer

Today was a typical Friday during my summer. I don't go into the school, and I try not to think about it. That is harder because of some feeling that I need to work on things, but I don't know what so I keep trying to just enjoy the day. I had a nail appointment, ran a few errands and had lunch with my graduate Thursday lunch group. When my student was killed last December and we came back to school on a Thursday--her friends needed to talk but didn't want to miss class. So, we had a lunch group that met that day (and last all afternoon) but after decided we needed to have lunch each first Thursday of the month. And we did. . till May got crazy.
So, I planned with them a chance to have lunch at a local chain restaurant and today was our lunch day. We had some closure to our time together, and I hope to keep in touch cause I know that moving on is still hard for them; it was a girl time, and I hope they stay in touch. I told them if they did, I would send a care package at some point, so maybe my "bribe" will work.
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer break

Its amazing that summer finally got here after such a cold winter and then a gorgeous April which then was followed by a miserable May. The weather reports at the end of May said we only had about 5-8 days without rain during that month. What is this, Seattle? Anyway, I guess the real part of summer break is that I am on my own schedule. I have gone into school only twice this week in the morning, and although I was going today, I am not feeling too great. So, I am going to get things cleared around here, and get a few gifts ready for giving. You know that late June and July are the month of never-ending birthdays in our circle of family and friends.

I had about 3 weeks off from teaching DUI so it was tough to go back last Tuesday, but its only one cycle and then we are off to San Diego for a couple of weeks. Its hard to believe since we have been planning since January. The pool, books, resting, and spending time with Keith have been high on my list since my break has started. I am currently reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, and I am pulled into the world she has created. I know they are young adult books, but I do like to read them as a change from all the chick lit or mysteries or best sellers. Either way, since last Friday, I have read at least 9 books, so my summer reading binge is well on its way.

Next week, I am teaching a small group of SAT prep kids and then I have a bigger group the following week. I am doing the smaller group because of vacations of the kids, and my desire to help them. The one math teacher is doing the math part the week after mine, and the cost to the kids is minimal considering what the range of costs are around here for prep classes: $125-400. I am going to spend time outlining today what I am going to do next week and next. The smaller group means I will most likely be able to move faster so I am only going to have them for 3 days.

We have graduation parties this weekend, a family reunion on the 5th, and then our church festival the following week. However, we also need to pack for our trip. The great thing is that we can take less clothes and wash when we are Jeff and Wendy's since we stay with them instead of at a hotel. It has to be easier and cheaper than taking enough for 2 weeks, especially with the charge for extra luggage now. What a scam.

My mind is racing with thoughts, so for now, I will finish, and then see where this goes later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Books exploding

Well, we made it back from Half Price Books, got gas for my Jeep, ate dinner and purchased one hanging basket for our front porch. I am going to finish cleaning but as I was checking email, I realized that I spent 2 days in the past 2 weekends buying books on sale. My to-be-read pile looks like a used bookstore, and more just keep coming in. I think I need to read rather than clean. yeah, I like that idea.

A bit dusty

Yes, its a bit dusty in here and in my house. Since I spent all day yesterday cleaning our upstairs, and plan on kicking some butt here on the first floor this Memorial Day (I have an extra day off for the first time since Easter) weekend, I thought I would kick the dust out of here as well.
Life has been the truly stressful May that it always is when you have to prepare the awards for over 180 kids which means ordering pins and jackets, writing out a card for every kid, getting a list to your creative friend who can make great certificates, research who did what that you didn't know about all the while you are giving a final to seniors, computing grades cause your grading program won't until after the full school year ends and the seniors finish early, and deal with people who are LATE for all that you need.
And that was all just the past 2 weeks. Next week which is only four days, I have to put together a program for graduation, have rehearsal twice, make sure all things are ready for graduation, help 3 kids write speeches and keep my co-senior sponsor calm.
Yeah, I am tired already and the week isnt' even here yet.

I intend to be back, but half-price books is having a 20% off sale and we are out of here shortly.

But. . . a missed a huge birthday this week. Happy Happy Birthday to dear friend, DEB.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Believing in the good

I have links to blogs I read although I rarely comment. I took the time today to mention how much Busy Mom's story meant to me. . . it makes you realize there is good all around you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We were up early to attend mass at 8 am even after being at a 50th birthday party last night for friend, Jeff. I wasn't feeling too well (hormonal issues) so we didn't stay late, and it was nice to get a good night's sleep. Today we head to Mom's for dinner about 3 or so. I have a few things I want to do for fun: work on cookbook I am putting together for family of Grandma's recipes, get different CDs for my car carrier, and put some clothes away. Its a nice relaxing day here, AND I still have tomorrow off before its back to a busy week.

Speaking of next week, Tuesday is a follow up at the specialists after 12 weeks of IV iron treatment and testing my blood. I don't think much has changed, but I also think we might be at a "wait and keep checking" point since I seem to have had most of the tests that determine serious issues like cancer.

Have a great day. . .and I hope its more springlike where you are.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Reading Thing

Well, once again, I am going to join up for the Spring Reading Thing found at Callapidder Days. I did participate in the fall, but don't know if I managed to read all the books. I also fell away from blogging and I am hoping this will keep me going. Also, this runs through June 19th which means spring reading on my porch, and summer reading at the pool.
So, here is my list (which I reserve the right to add to or change. . .)

1. Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult**
2. Blue Blood by Susan McBride ***
3. Miss Invisible by Laura Jensen Walker***
4. 7th Heaven by James Patterson
5. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella ***
6. Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer ***
7. It ain't all about the Cookin by Paula Deen
8. Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews ***
9. The Chili Queen by Sandra Dallas
10. Big Boned by Meg Cabot***
11. The Friday Night Knitting club by Kate Jacobs ***
12 The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond
13 Twilight by Stephanie Meyers
14 Lexi James and the Council of Girlfriends by Melissa Jacobs ***

I also just went shopping at Borders to use up $51 in gift cards, and I spent $20 more, so I have about 6 or 7 other books I could add, but I need to see how fast I can read the ones I have.

Books on my to be read pile which is must larger than this list. .but I dont' want to think I can read that many.
**Currently reading

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Day

I realize I have been neglecting the blog, and many of those who used to stop by have probably stopped since I have been absent. But, I couldn't let the "once every four years" day go by without a post.
As I say in my profile, I am a Leap Year baby so I am celebrating the big "11"th birthday this year. Hubby is taking me to the Melting Pot for dinner, and tomorrow night is dinner with Dad at Morton's Steakhouse. I am trying to enjoy the day even though it is a bit cold and snowy cause, it only happens once every four year.

My office at work was decorated by senior girls, gifts have been given with love, and many wishes of happy birthday have occurred, as well as phone calls and texts from family. Savoring the moments of this once every four year birthday.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Trying to find a new look

There isn't much to do with blogger, but I am trying to not get bored by the look. Blues, purples and pinks remind me of winter, so I will try this for a while. I guess I just need to see what grows on me.

Books, books and books

I have had time to read over break, and have taken advantage of it. For the past 6 months, I had been looking for a book club, and was even willing to start one but didn't have much luck with my friends. So, I kept looking. Well, I found a site called "meet-up" and there were two book clubs, one that seemed to be closer, and I looked to see the book and the place for January. It was the 3rd, and the book was Cage of Stars which I hadn't read, so I joined. I read the book, but then after the tiring day with kids, I just couldn't go and be a new member and talk about a book with death in it. So, I missed, and now the next one seems to be on a Thursday when I already have a meeting. Its a bummer cause the book is Mists of Avalon which I love.

So I am signed up to go to another one on a Tuesday and its the only Tuesday I don't work at DUI, so I am happy about that. Its a little farther, and I am not really sure how to get there, but I am going.

Now, about the book Cage of Stars. Good, and I would recommend it, so there is that. At least I didn't dislike the book for the meet I missed. Last night, however, I decided to begin Water for Elephants which people kept telling me I would like but I resisted because I tend to NOT read those books which everyone else picks up and says "Oh I loved it" cause many times its the only book they read for 6 months.
However, I am almost finished, and I LOVE IT. Great plot, characters, and way of writing. Get it read it. I say so.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A beginning and an end

I know this blog didn't see much writing during 2007, but I do want to change that even though I don't now if anyone will ever see my words but me. And does it really matter? since I began this as a way to get the thoughts that rambled in my head out, and maybe to keep in touch with friends and family who take the time to read. So, let's start 2008 with a promise to myself to write more, and to be honest in what I say.

To wrap up the year, and "an end", the funeral was painful for all. I hurt because I can feel the pain of those who lost their daughter, sister, friend, niece, cousin etc. The mass was beautiful, but the pain hurt. When I walked out of church, the pain was gone, but the tears lingered for days as I wondered what our new year at school would be like.
Thursday, we returned to a quiet group at times, to teachers who said nothing, and to teachers who let the class know they were trying to understand. And in the typical way of many of our students, A's closest friends came to see me and said, "We know we could talk anytime with you or the counselor, but we don't want to miss class". Yeah, that's my kids. Anyway, we (6 girls and I) spent lunch, study hall and then their gym class talking. Or I listened mostly while they talked. It was hard, tiring, but I think it helped them a little. Yesterday, I faced the empty chair in my Psych class, and cried later in my office after speaking with a parent who is concerned. Long days, lots of thoughts, and knowing that there will be hard times but also it will get easier. That's what I tell myself.

Before returning to school, we had visitors here, though, so I got to see life when my brother, his wife (and my sister in my heart), and beloved nephew/godson spent 4 days here with us. We had a great time, although I cried because I want San Diego to be closer to us. My sister-in-law is my friend, and I wish we lived down the road and not across the country.

We are at home for a moment, but had a productive day shopping for a shower gift and gift for Keith's daughter's 30th birthday. Tonight is a get together to watch football, or to talk with friends. . I guess it depends on who you are.