Saturday, October 24, 2009


I recently read a few posts about people who don't like to talk on the phone and prefer to email or text. And thought I would put a few thoughts out there as well. I do screen phone calls to see if its a telemarketer but unless I am hugely busy with my hands deep into something messy, I will answer any phone call from family or friends, and of course work for the most part. Maybe its because my parents are older, my brothers and families live far or maybe its because I have missed a few important phone calls in the past when a friend's husband was gravely ill, and I wasn't able to be there for her immediately, but I feel like if someone calls me, they want to talk to me.

I do enjoy emailing updates to friends and family across the country occaisionally, and I do use email or texts for quick questions, and updates like. . .we landed or its snowing here, but I still prefer to hear the voice and the laughter over the phone. Its just not the same reading it. Yes, written word is powerful, but NOT as the only way to communicate. Not being able to see my family and friends as often as I would like. . .well, I need to hear them if I can't see them.

Also, I believe the technology of email and text is teaching our children how to NOT communicate with others. I find some of the high school kids I work with unable to speak to another person face to face unless they really know them, and this could be something that might hurt them in the future. College, job interviews, customers, colleagues. . .there may be a need to actually talk. . will they be able to learn it that late in life? Seeing friends texting other friends or even each other when out in a group is disturbing to me. What happened to just enjoying the company you are with. When I go out with friends, because I have no children who might need me, I turn off the phone and talk. (and talk and talk and laugh, and sometimes even cry). These friends deserve my attention, and there is nothing worse than sitting there while someone else gets a call that is not important, and they just sit and talk while you do nothing but stare at the wall.

OK, so I guess I have some strong feeling on the subject. I too understand that mothers of small children can't talk on the phone often or for long, but sometimes you do need human contact and hearing a voice.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to school for a month

It was a crazy start to this school year because all of my office was in boxes until last Friday (the 12th) since I was getting new furniture in the new building but it wasn't here yet. I had tables, a phone, my laptop and the stuff I really needed but everytime I turned around I was digging in a box looking for a folder or something. I am now at home with my self-designed office that is working very very well.

Because of the new building and the new online system we are using for assignments and grading, it has also been a huge adjustment to this year. Kudos have to go out to one of the teachers for all his help in getting schedules to the kids to start the year, and for all the work he is doing online to get us up and running.

I finally now feel like we can start school and its been 3 weeks in. Where did the time go? Much to do this week, but nothing major that I have to do outside of school so it makes me feel like I can focus my attention to getting myself organized and focused. When that happens, I get much more done during my week. Let's hope it works that way this one.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A weekend, but the lines blur

Once I start making my own hours for when I need to go into school, its harder to keep track of the days of the week. Yesterday felt like Saturday cause I was "off" completely. However, it is the weekend, and we have some plans for some fun. We are going out with friends tonight to see a musical review of "8 track" music from the 70s and then tomorrow Dad is coming for dinner.
I have a couple of mornings of work at school, and in between I hope to find time for some sun, pool and reading time while also packing for our trip.
There are more thoughts in my head, but first I need a shower and some time to think.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its only the 18th of June

but what it really means to me is that my summer is beginning. The teachers were finished on the 10th, but I went in full days Thursday and Friday to work on some things that need done. This week was the leadership workshop of fun and games that we have with students leading, and me moderating. I was at school from 8-2 or 3 each day, but I have managed to send out all the transcripts and am working on checking to make sure the incoming seniors are neat and clear. Once that is done, I have to see who has to turn in a schedule sheet for next year. . .(which was done once but is being repeated and not because of me).
I am also packing up my current closet office to move into one in August that will be mine, all mine in our new building. I can't believe I will have a real office and classroom, but am already loving the fact that I not only will have space, but will be able to be organized. And an organized me makes for a more efficient and happy me.

There is some underlying drama going on at work, and I am trying to figure out my place in it, and what I should be doing if anything to help since I am a counselor. Yeah, maybe I need to think more but worry less cause I don't need the stress.

So, what I will think about is half days to get work done and keep myself on top of things, packing for the move, and a week in Myrtle Beach. Oh yeah, and enjoying the poolside reading and talking with friends.

Monday, May 18, 2009

As May winds down. .

I pledge to start this blog up again with my thoughts, dreams, things I have done, and also books I am reading. It may take a day or two to get moving, but I intend to make this more of a daily and less of a bi-yearly commentary on my life.

Age is catching up with me because of minor health issues, and I am home today after a test was done this morning. I don't remember the testing, but I am still feeling a bit out of it from the sedative. However, its over, and things look OK although its still a wait to make 100% sure. Optimism is part of my nature, though, so I don't intend to worry too much until I hear.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blink and its gone

I have no idea where the past 3 months went, but here we are in January hoping for spring to get here sooner rather than later. It won't, but its nice to hope.

Christmas passed in a blur, and although I had over 2 weeks off, they were full of family and friends and visits. I did find time to sleep in and read quite a bit so I am happy about that. We will be adding to the family this year as J and W are expecting #2 in July and D is getting married this spring. . March we think but I am still waiting to find out the exact date so I can make some sort of plan that won't cost me too much.

Keith and I will be heading to Florida for a few days to stay at my Mom's timeshare. J and W will be there with our godson, so we will be happy to have time with them again. After that, its back to work with only Easter break to look forward to. I must say, though, that I have been accomplishing a lot while at work. . .and feel pretty on top of things right now. Check back in a month or so.