Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blink and its gone

I have no idea where the past 3 months went, but here we are in January hoping for spring to get here sooner rather than later. It won't, but its nice to hope.

Christmas passed in a blur, and although I had over 2 weeks off, they were full of family and friends and visits. I did find time to sleep in and read quite a bit so I am happy about that. We will be adding to the family this year as J and W are expecting #2 in July and D is getting married this spring. . March we think but I am still waiting to find out the exact date so I can make some sort of plan that won't cost me too much.

Keith and I will be heading to Florida for a few days to stay at my Mom's timeshare. J and W will be there with our godson, so we will be happy to have time with them again. After that, its back to work with only Easter break to look forward to. I must say, though, that I have been accomplishing a lot while at work. . .and feel pretty on top of things right now. Check back in a month or so.

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