Sunday, July 15, 2007

Books and more books

Hello my name is chris and I am a book addict. So much so that one of my favorite blogs to check out is
Patchwork of Books where I read about a unique book giveaway: Pay It Forward sponsored by Overwhlemed with Joy.
And I decided I may want to play, but I really like to explore the books being forwarded, and hope to have a chance to read one or two. Just more reading for the addict.

Did I mention that I went to a used book sale and bought over 30 books for myself although a few are for work, and I also found an old "Junior Girl Scout" handbook like I had way back in the day. It looks brand new, and I think it is a neat collector's item for me.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Faster Faster Faster

Whoo Hoo!! We finally have our cable hook up and its fast. I can check blogs, blog myself, check emails, and all that fun stuff really quick after using dial up, and I will learn how to do the i-tunes, i-photo and all that stuff. Can you believe it? Now I just need to find the time to blog more and about more important things on my mind.