Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to school for a month

It was a crazy start to this school year because all of my office was in boxes until last Friday (the 12th) since I was getting new furniture in the new building but it wasn't here yet. I had tables, a phone, my laptop and the stuff I really needed but everytime I turned around I was digging in a box looking for a folder or something. I am now at home with my self-designed office that is working very very well.

Because of the new building and the new online system we are using for assignments and grading, it has also been a huge adjustment to this year. Kudos have to go out to one of the teachers for all his help in getting schedules to the kids to start the year, and for all the work he is doing online to get us up and running.

I finally now feel like we can start school and its been 3 weeks in. Where did the time go? Much to do this week, but nothing major that I have to do outside of school so it makes me feel like I can focus my attention to getting myself organized and focused. When that happens, I get much more done during my week. Let's hope it works that way this one.

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