Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its only the 18th of June

but what it really means to me is that my summer is beginning. The teachers were finished on the 10th, but I went in full days Thursday and Friday to work on some things that need done. This week was the leadership workshop of fun and games that we have with students leading, and me moderating. I was at school from 8-2 or 3 each day, but I have managed to send out all the transcripts and am working on checking to make sure the incoming seniors are neat and clear. Once that is done, I have to see who has to turn in a schedule sheet for next year. . .(which was done once but is being repeated and not because of me).
I am also packing up my current closet office to move into one in August that will be mine, all mine in our new building. I can't believe I will have a real office and classroom, but am already loving the fact that I not only will have space, but will be able to be organized. And an organized me makes for a more efficient and happy me.

There is some underlying drama going on at work, and I am trying to figure out my place in it, and what I should be doing if anything to help since I am a counselor. Yeah, maybe I need to think more but worry less cause I don't need the stress.

So, what I will think about is half days to get work done and keep myself on top of things, packing for the move, and a week in Myrtle Beach. Oh yeah, and enjoying the poolside reading and talking with friends.

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