Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer break

Its amazing that summer finally got here after such a cold winter and then a gorgeous April which then was followed by a miserable May. The weather reports at the end of May said we only had about 5-8 days without rain during that month. What is this, Seattle? Anyway, I guess the real part of summer break is that I am on my own schedule. I have gone into school only twice this week in the morning, and although I was going today, I am not feeling too great. So, I am going to get things cleared around here, and get a few gifts ready for giving. You know that late June and July are the month of never-ending birthdays in our circle of family and friends.

I had about 3 weeks off from teaching DUI so it was tough to go back last Tuesday, but its only one cycle and then we are off to San Diego for a couple of weeks. Its hard to believe since we have been planning since January. The pool, books, resting, and spending time with Keith have been high on my list since my break has started. I am currently reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, and I am pulled into the world she has created. I know they are young adult books, but I do like to read them as a change from all the chick lit or mysteries or best sellers. Either way, since last Friday, I have read at least 9 books, so my summer reading binge is well on its way.

Next week, I am teaching a small group of SAT prep kids and then I have a bigger group the following week. I am doing the smaller group because of vacations of the kids, and my desire to help them. The one math teacher is doing the math part the week after mine, and the cost to the kids is minimal considering what the range of costs are around here for prep classes: $125-400. I am going to spend time outlining today what I am going to do next week and next. The smaller group means I will most likely be able to move faster so I am only going to have them for 3 days.

We have graduation parties this weekend, a family reunion on the 5th, and then our church festival the following week. However, we also need to pack for our trip. The great thing is that we can take less clothes and wash when we are Jeff and Wendy's since we stay with them instead of at a hotel. It has to be easier and cheaper than taking enough for 2 weeks, especially with the charge for extra luggage now. What a scam.

My mind is racing with thoughts, so for now, I will finish, and then see where this goes later.

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