Sunday, January 06, 2008

Books, books and books

I have had time to read over break, and have taken advantage of it. For the past 6 months, I had been looking for a book club, and was even willing to start one but didn't have much luck with my friends. So, I kept looking. Well, I found a site called "meet-up" and there were two book clubs, one that seemed to be closer, and I looked to see the book and the place for January. It was the 3rd, and the book was Cage of Stars which I hadn't read, so I joined. I read the book, but then after the tiring day with kids, I just couldn't go and be a new member and talk about a book with death in it. So, I missed, and now the next one seems to be on a Thursday when I already have a meeting. Its a bummer cause the book is Mists of Avalon which I love.

So I am signed up to go to another one on a Tuesday and its the only Tuesday I don't work at DUI, so I am happy about that. Its a little farther, and I am not really sure how to get there, but I am going.

Now, about the book Cage of Stars. Good, and I would recommend it, so there is that. At least I didn't dislike the book for the meet I missed. Last night, however, I decided to begin Water for Elephants which people kept telling me I would like but I resisted because I tend to NOT read those books which everyone else picks up and says "Oh I loved it" cause many times its the only book they read for 6 months.
However, I am almost finished, and I LOVE IT. Great plot, characters, and way of writing. Get it read it. I say so.

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