Sunday, May 25, 2008

A bit dusty

Yes, its a bit dusty in here and in my house. Since I spent all day yesterday cleaning our upstairs, and plan on kicking some butt here on the first floor this Memorial Day (I have an extra day off for the first time since Easter) weekend, I thought I would kick the dust out of here as well.
Life has been the truly stressful May that it always is when you have to prepare the awards for over 180 kids which means ordering pins and jackets, writing out a card for every kid, getting a list to your creative friend who can make great certificates, research who did what that you didn't know about all the while you are giving a final to seniors, computing grades cause your grading program won't until after the full school year ends and the seniors finish early, and deal with people who are LATE for all that you need.
And that was all just the past 2 weeks. Next week which is only four days, I have to put together a program for graduation, have rehearsal twice, make sure all things are ready for graduation, help 3 kids write speeches and keep my co-senior sponsor calm.
Yeah, I am tired already and the week isnt' even here yet.

I intend to be back, but half-price books is having a 20% off sale and we are out of here shortly.

But. . . a missed a huge birthday this week. Happy Happy Birthday to dear friend, DEB.

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Deb said...

hey there! So glad you dusted things off! Thank you for the sweet wishes!