Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Friday

Well, I missed Valentine's day. No, not in real life. . here in my blog. I wanted to come and write a friendship or love post, and the day just flew by. I did however, get a dozen red roses from my hubby which was very cool since I never had roses before. I am not the hugest fan of roses, but they are beautiful. And why am I not a huge fan? Well on Tuesday, after the delivery to my office which is small, I began to cough and experience a really bad headache. When I left the room to teach, it stopped and then started again when I returned. I left the roses here for Wednesday and was bringing in a vase for a few to leave here all week and take the rest home. Headache and cough return, and I think. . .am I allergic? So, Keith came and took 8 home and left 3 here (1 already was dead. . .not in the water at all), and I felt better. At home, the scent is not too bad, so I can live with them in our bigger than my office house. However, I do doubt I will get red roses again!!

This weekend in dinner birthday with Dad at Morton's Steakhouse. . .Yummo! as Rachael Ray would say. I have some beading things to work on for a craft show I am doing in March, and I want to get out my Valentine day cards to friends who didn't get Christmas cards cause I was too busy. See a pattern here? However, I am sending the cards. .late but with love. I wanted to type a letter all week, but never got to it, so a 3 day weekend might allow me to do it. However, I teach my last UAD class on Saturday and have to do the completetion letters on Monday and I have an appointment for a haircut and highlight. . .I think. Once again, my memory and busyness get to me. . .

I will be back later!!


Shannon said...

Jeremy is allergic to flowers too... he started off the same way as you... but found out when he went to prom with his HS girlfriend because of the rose on his tux lol... but it sounds like you had a great time once you got pass all of that... have a great week!!

Lisanne said...

Wow ~ very cool about the red roses, but sorry you're allergic! hehe :) My husband is allergic to flowers, too.