Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend over again

Its Sunday again, and time for another week of work. This weekend, though, didn't revolve around a football game. I did have to work on Saturday morning again--teaching a UAD class, but we had some fun Saturday night. We had tickets to see Terri Clark (only those who are country fans will recognize!) at a smaller type of venue. We were served a dinner of barbeque chicken, ribs, baked potato, etc. It is a packed place and I had a hard time getting out of my seat to go to the bathroom, but you have a great view of the artist. and Terri was excellent. She joked with the crowd as she introduced her songs, and she had energy but also gave a litle information about herself and her band. To me, that is better than someone who just sings. . you kind of lose their personality.

Anyway, today is a people are weird kind of entry too. When we got to our seats, we should have been sitting next to each other at the table but the people who were at our table did the across from each other thing, which makes it hard to talk or touch each other. We should have told them to move cause they sell the tix to be like that (side by side) but I didn't think of it at the time. Also, he didn't eat his dinner which is odd cause why pay for it if you aren't going to? And the people next to me were kind of zombie like throughout the evening which makes me wonder why go? Yeah, so observations of the weekend. . .people are odd.

I bought a DSM IV to use in my Psych class before we went to the concert, and thought about reading it today but then I realized how odd/weird that would make me!! So, I am beading and reading a "Dear America" young adult book instead. Relaxing, jammie, cuddle kind of day.

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