Saturday, March 25, 2006

Time flies. . .

If I had enough time or space to talk about all that happened since I was here last, the reader would either be 1. bored within the first few minutes or 2. happy to see I am still alive or 3. wondering if I had enough space as I rambled on. So, I will give the highlights of the past month. . .

•I attended the conference and had a great time learning and meeting new people. I have spoken to next year's president whom I met last year at my very first conference, and I am hoping to be able to help next year with something. She reminded me to email her and let her know what I would like to do. I also met 2 other counselors whom I spent most meals with and whom I shared information from the workshops. I brought back new ideas and new stuff, and got energized to finish the year with success

•The 6 hours on the train caused me to be obsessed with The West Wing which I watched on my personal DVD player. . .oh how I love that thing.

•Work has been busy, I am in the middle of a DUI class, it has been cold, and I want spring to come sooner.

•My brother, Reggie and Mila were here last weekend. It is fun to see my niece and how she is becoming older. She wasn't strange at all with us, and we are thinking about going to see them in June for my brother's 40th birthday.

•Tomorrow is the Junior's spaghetti dinenr, and I am going up to work shortly to set up so we wont have as much to do tomorrow. We also have a wedding this afternoon, so after cooking meat, setting up and making sure things are ready, I need to shower, wrap a gift and go. On the plus side, we are having prime rib for dinner!!

•I did a craft show last weekend, and didn't sell too much, but I am still planning on doing some at Christmas. I think that it will be better. What I really need to do is to advertise my bookmarks on book club sites, or through book club members. Most people at the sale were looking at food. I guess they were just hungry.

•I am so looking forward to Easter break. We want to go to Penzey's spice store, the Fiestaware outlet and the outlets to get Keith a coat and shoes. I also know of a bead show the Monday after Easter so I am hoping we can get there as well. With Easter later this year, it makes break seem very far away. But, it will get here, eventually.

•I started a new idea this year . . .meeting with Junior parents to discuss next year's applications for college, scholarships, etc. I made myself available 3 evening and some during the afternoon times. So far, I have about 7 or 8 parents signed up, but I think more may at a later date. . .if not, at least I tried.

Well, the cable guy is here to fix us up with new equipment so we have better service and channels. And I need to get ready to go for 10 to set up.

I really hope there are still friends out there who stop by. . .I hope to be around more often.


Lisanne said...

That's cool about the craft show! So you make bookmarks? Neat!

Shannon said...

hey girl... I got a package today... and omg that book rocks... thank you so much!!!