Sunday, October 29, 2006

A few weeks later

Life has been busy again. Today was the school's annual open house for prospective students, and we had a good showing. We have mass, brunch, and then tours with our student ambassadors, a group of which I am in charge. I think we had the most interest this year than we have in a while. Many times we get only those who want to go to school here, and not those who are searching or considering schools. Anyway, its over, which means that I can go back to working on college apps and rec letters instead of worrying about who will be where etc. I do need to send out about 50 of our "brochure books" but will be able to take care of that this week.

Really not much else going on. Keith and I have been watching Notre Dame games on TV. . .and next week he is going out with my Dad for the game. We have had both time at home on the weekends, and time visiting friends. Last week Junior Woman's club had a dance. Although it is supposed to be a fundraiser for the entire club, we had only 21 people there, and only 8 members. That is really sad cause we had the potential to make so much more money. I think I would rather pay $100 in dues than have these fundraisers cause no one ever seems to want to support them after the members say they want to. We were supposed to have a comedy night in the spring, but the comedians are much more to "put out" for so I don't know if we are even going to consider it.

Speaking of Juniors, at October's meeting we made beaded necklaces/bracelets using my and my Mom's beads. I asked for $6 for bracelet and $10 for a necklace (which we decided should have been more). Well, one of the members made a 24 inch necklace using some really nice beads so she got a deal. I know she would not have made that one if I had charged by the bead or by the inch like I used to have to do when I didn't have my own. She is just the kind of person who would do this even when asked not to use so many of the beads when many won't be seen due to being around the back. I really should have said anything over 18 would be an additional amount of money but I really didn't see her taking all the rather pricey beads she did. I guess I learned a lesson, although I already knew she was kind of a "taker" anyway. It seems she always has a plug for herself or something she wants.

I still have many papers to grade for the end of the quarter but we are off school tomorrow and have until Wednesday to get them in the computer. We are having problems with our online grade company, and while people keep telling me, I don't know what to say cause I don't have that much experience or knowledge with computers. It is just frustrating cause I want to be able to help but I just can't seem to find the time to look into all that this entails. We need an expert.

Well, I am thinking I need a little nap. I am just kidding but it is really a fall, lazy day today. I have 2 4 day weeks in a row, and then we have a full week but on the 18th we leave for San Diego and the christening. I think we might appreciate the warm weather by then. Fall seems to be blowing in here!!

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