Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two different areas of my brain. . .

First, I took some type of personality/career test in grad school which says that I should "work with people" but also reported I could have been a surgeon or a detective. Well, the surgeon part, I am not so sure about, but the detective part. . .I have to do that every day when dealing with the kids. Did I mention that sometimes I have to figure out what they need me to do on THEIR college apps? This week, I wasn't a detective in the finding out stuff, but more like a DA in trying to find out what type of consequences we give to students who need some.
However, I have played detective recently and was able to find out some information via the internet that I never imagined I could find. I guess putting 2 and 2 together isn't as hard as I once thought it to be when maneuvering around the web. I am still not so great when it comes to some issues with web, computer, etc. . .but I have figured out a few problems with our grading system, and "detectived" myself to find out something I wanted to know. And now I do.

Second, Keith was at ND this past weekend for the game, and I was at home. I shopped a little, made lasagna for dinner today, cleaned the fridge, did some laundry, changed the sheets, organized a few areas of our home, and enjoyed some me time. I did get a few gifts for Christmas, but mostly I just enjoyed being busy doing things that needed done. There is always more to do, and I am still trying to get rid of things we don't need. It just takes time to dig yourself out when you have more than you need.

This week ahead is a 3 day with kids but I have a meeting one day, too, conferences, and a day off. I am getting my hairs cut and highlighted tomorrow, work Tuesday night, and have a wedding next Saturday so I also need to find what I am going to wear and make sure it is all together (and I have pantyhose!!!). We leave for San Diego and the christening on the 18th so that week will be busy as well. I guess I really need to appreciate these moments when I can clean and organize since time is just moving by quickly. Does anybody else feel the need to just "hold on for the ride" somedays?

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Shannon said...

ohh post a pic of the new hair do!!