Saturday, December 09, 2006

So much to tell

There has been much going on and movement since you last read about my somewhat boring life. We left for San Diego on November 18th, and had a wonderful time being warm, and meeting our nephew and godson Carson for the first time. The christening was on Sunday, and it was a very nice event with family and friends. We were able to spend time playing with Adam (my other nephew) on Saturday, and Mila too. I was babysitter for Adam on Monday afternoon, and then we hit the SD zoo on Tuesday with everyone which was fun. Doug and Adam, and my dad left Tuesday evening so Wednesday was "our" day. . .Keith and I went on the SD trolley tour so we could shop and enjoy the day. We arrived home early Friday morning, napped, and then Keith left for hunting.

I shopped, watched football, attended a party and got my nails done while he was gone. Besides that, I did clean a bit but didn't put up any Christmas decorations like I did last year. So, its the 9th and there are none up yet, but I go on break from school on the 15th. Yeah, yeah, its a great one!! We have 18 days off and I deserve them all. I had to test 8th graders today, and we had 57 show up which is a good amount for our small school.

Last year, I did most of my shopping at stores, and this year, a large amount has been done online for various reasons. One is that I got alot of free shipping, and the other is that certain gifts were only available or easier to find via the internet. Most of it is done, but it does leave the decorating, wrapping, hardtack candy making and card sending left to do. However, I am in more of the spirit this year than last although it will be the first year without my grandmother.

She really did instill in me the fun in giving, and for years I wrapped all of her gifts which were high in number until she discovered gift cards. It will be sad missing her this year. We have a wedding on the 30th, and Greg, Reggie and MIla will be in to visit over that weekend so we will be able to give her gifts instead of mail them. I wish Adam would be here too cause Christmas is more fun when you see your nephews and niece open gifts. Carson won't realize it this year, but the next few would be fun. Maybe some year all of us will be able to be together. (Or Keith and I will win the lottery and fly from home to home over the 3-4 days to play Santa!!) yeah, here's hoping.

Well, we are off. Last week we spent alot of time at home, so we are heading out for some shopping and dinner. Its cold but sunny so we should appreciate these days.

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