Saturday, December 30, 2006

Did you have a great Christmas?

We had a very nice holiday here in the H home. Keith spoiled me for sure (again). He surprised me with a diamond journey pendant on Christmas eve and then I had DVDs of Charmed and West Wing, CDs of Carrie Underwood, Mamma Mia, Toby Keith and Leanne Womack to open. He bought "us" a new TV for the kitchen, a new crockpot, and me some pajamas, books, and the newest American Girl mini doll. **I am really just a kid at heart**. We spent Christmas day with my Mom and Bill, and then had both Tuesday and Thursday to ourselves. Yesterday, my brother Greg and his family made it to PA for the wedding today. I am taking it easy this am since I got my hair put up into a "do", and don't want to mess it up.

Not sure of our plans for NY eve yet, although we have been invited to a party. We might just see my brother, wife and niece and then come home to be together. As Christmas break nears its end, I am thinking I want to just enjoy my home and my husband.

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Anonymous said...

Hey chica! Got your Christmas card today-we have (temporarily) moved into an apartment b/c we are building a house! Very exciting and terrifying at the same time. It should be ready by the end of January, though, so that's cool.

And I've started blogging again:

You can also email me anytime

Good hearing from you-take care!