Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, we made it to 2007; I wonder what this year will bring to all of us?

I decided I needed a little change for the new year, and since I have no skills at all when it comes to blog looks, I have to stick with what blogger offers. Maybe someday I can get a new look that is fresher.

We had a nice evening with family playing games and having pizza. My sister-in-law is pregnant, and many foods make her ill, so the pizza was something she could handle. We managed to last until midnight, kissed in the new year, and went to bed. I am very thankful to have tomorrow off though, to get back into some routine of bed and wake-up.

A shout out to Karen. . I tried to comment on your blog last night but we had to leave and it wouldn't go through. I will email soon though!!

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Shannon said...

whoop love you are blogging again... so glad you had a great time in CA and had a great Christmas and New Year Eve... Hope school isn't too bad when you have to go back!!