Saturday, January 27, 2007

Notes on the week

*It has gotten much colder here, and on Friday we had a school delay due to the frigid temps where the kids would have waited for buses outside too long. It made for a nice beginning to the weekend.

*I had only one thing this week in the evening. . .work at D*UI on Monday so I got a chance to get grading done, be comfy all evening, and catch up with a friend.

*I spent a few hours today bumming around the mall with my Mom and got some great deals on fun earrings. For $2.50, or $5 these are the ones you don't wear often, but like to have for evenings out. I also got 2 very lightweight and cute sweaters with my gift card from Keith.

*We went to church and then dinner so tomorrow can be a late in bed or late to get ourselves dressed kind of day.

*I feel like my whole life becomes one big schedule sometimes when I have things for work, D*UI job, Juniors, and trying to find time for date night. But, I would rather have things be planned than not have time for anything cause I never plan. I am just a left-brained kind of girl.

*This week should be relatively calm as well, but I might have some appointments at job#2. .I never know until that day.

*I can't believe that February begins this week. It seemed like Christmas break just ended.

How's life in your corner?

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