Friday, February 16, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Yeah, so I am not O*prah, and ready to buy everyone the favorite things I have here, but I can hear the song from Sound of Music playing in my head as I think of these things. I don't want to be a commercial; I just have these random things in my thoughts, and wanted to tell anyone reading about them. I think it stemmed from last night telling a fellow club member about some of them.
So, here you go, in no particular order. . .

1. Almond Oil Intensive Hand Treatment from the Body Shop. . .my hands and elbows feel like sandpaper some days, and I have found that I can put this on repeatedly throughout the day have a noticeable difference within about 24 hours. Not a strong smell, but very rich and not greasy.

2. Sugar free Cappuccino from Ron and Franks ( which is delicious on a cold morning, and you can take it with you without having to stop for it at a store!! Shipping is only $1 if you spend $24, and they also have cold drink mixes in both sugar-free and regular, and hotchocolate.

3. Ever heard of Pajama Gram. . .it is an affiliate of Vermont Teddy Bear. They have a great selection of both cotton and flannel pjs as well as others. They can be a bit pricey but their "boyfriend" style jammies are great for winter mornings and evenings when you just want to be comfy at home.

4. Spearmint mentha lip shine from Bath and Bodyworks!! Smells like Wrigley's spearmint gum, and works to keep winter lips soft. Added bonus is it helps keep breath fresher (or at least fools you into thinking so).

5. Purity by Philosophy One Step Facial Cleanser. I bought the biggest size I could find. Need I say more? No drying but my face feels clean each morning and evening (when I remember to wash off the day---I am very neglectful of my skin.)

6. Food Saver---This was a Christmas gift from hubby about 3 years ago, and although I do like to cook, hubby does much more of it than I. This however, was one of the best non-jewelry gifts (cause really nothing beats that) he ever got me. We can buy meat on sale and freeze in smaller packages for us, we can keep it frozen longer without freezer burn, and we can even use it for cookies, muffins, etc since we have a "pulse" setting which won't crush our food. Fantastic investment if you want to buy in bulk or on sale, and have room in a freezer.

7. Finally, have you ever heard of or used Its an online shoe store with free shipping BOTH WAYS. While the shoes are not on sale, you can find many brands, styles, and colors. . .Try them on at home, if you like them. . .great. If you need to return, you print out a UPS label and just drop off at a UPS site which you can also find from their site. I have found some really great shoes that are comfy for standing all day in.

So, there you have them. My favorite thing thoughts for this Friday. Enjoy!!


Shannon said...

oh i will have to try those things out... they sound amazing!!

Mary said...

A word about Zappos - I ordered some walking shoes that had come recommended, wore them a few times, and hated them. They let me send them back, even though I had wore them outdoors, gave me a full refund, and didn't charge a thing for the shipping. Awesome!

Lisanne said...

Neat idea for a blog entry! Seems like lots of people are writing about what they're loving lately. I might just join in. :)