Sunday, March 04, 2007

Only one post in February

I can't believe I only posted once in February. I guess I just needed a break in some ways, but also the month flew by. (It does only have 28 days!!) Ending the month with my birthday was good. I had a fairly good day but it was hampered by cramps which is just not fair when you want to go out to eat. So we stayed home, and plan on visiting PF Changs another evening. We had a fun weekend as well. . .celebrating a friend's 50th birthday at a hotel near downtown Pittsburgh. We got home, and have been resting. Church tonight and back to work. . .where do the weekends go?

I just will be happy to have my energy back. Cramps, tired, irritable, you name it, I felt it over the past few days, and to make matters worse, it all started early for me. Well, more like last month, I was just late, so it put me off schedule somehow. Hope things get back to regular again.

We are searching for flights for San Diego this summer, but need to wait until I find the dates for a workshop I need to attend. Of course, my supervisor at the DUI program thought they would be posted by beginning of March, and I am still waiting. It just seems to be the way. . .when you really need something, it doesn't happen as you plan.

Sorry about the disjointed post. Too many thoughts running through my mind I guess. I have more to say, but want to update my list of books. I want to keep track of books I have read this year as I saw on a few blogs I read.

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