Sunday, March 11, 2007

100 things

Its been a while (old blog) since I did this, and wanted to see what came to my mind. I will have to add them a bit at a time, though, cause 100 at once may overtax my brain.

1. I love my job.
2. I may complain about parts of it to my husband, but I can't imagine doing anything else.
3. I love to read, and spend most of my summer break at the pool reading all the books that have had to wait until I had "time".
4. I consider myself to be somewhat shy, but most people laugh when I say that. They don't know what it takes sometimes to speak out.
5. I can't see anything without my glasses unless its two inches from my face.
6. I love to travel and explore out of the way places even in my home state.
7. I applied to Notre Dame on a dare, and am happy I did cause going to school there was a growing experience for me.
8. I didn't get married until I was 37
9. My husband is 16 years older than I am.
10. I am the oldest of 4 children, and the only girl
11. I desperately wanted a sister when I was younger, and feel lucky I have great sister-in-laws.
12. My brothers all live in other states so I miss having family gatherings with them.
13. My parents divorced after 30 years of marriage.
14. I went to Catholic schools, including college, all my life.
15. I am still a practicing Catholic
16. I work in a Catholic high school.
17. I have a tattoo on my thigh.
18. I prefer wearing skirts over pants, but in winter its too cold.
19. I am an adult who loves Disneyworld, but not for the "thrill" rides.
20. If I had to only have one TV channel, I would seriously consider the FoodNetwork.
21. I am a Law and Order junkie.
22. I usually only listen to country music.
23. I love musicals--old and new.
24. I have fallen down steps 4 times in the past 6 years.
25. I can be overly emotional.
26. My hair is naturally curly which I like now but hated for many many years.
27. I get my nails polished or repaired every week.
28. I want to be on a game show, but am not sure which one I could do the best on.
29. Notre Dame football is the only team I really cheer for. . .ever.
30. I make beaded jewelry as gifts and for myself, but wish I could make it a business.
31. I had breast reduction surgery in 1998 after years of back pain and feeling out of place.
32. I love to shop.
33. Making sure that I remember people's birthdays is very important to me.
34. I never went to Disney World until I was 38, and now its one of my favorite places to vacation.
35. I love the ocean, but don't like to be "in" it.
36. I live in the same small town I grew up in, more by coincidence than actual choice.
37. I have never had a child, but I have 2 stepchildren, a stepgrandchild, and a stepstep grandchild. (She is the stepdaughter of said stepdaughter.)
38. In high school, I wanted to be a doctor, and majored in pre-med before I realized I didn't have the intensity.
39. I truly believe that working with teenagers can be rewarding.
40. I also believe it can cause premature grey hair.
41. I have worked in the drug and alcohol education field for over 17 years as a DUI instructor.
42. I lay out in the sun every summer.
43. I know I will pay for this someday.
44. I am a type 2 diabetic, but have a hard time being as good as I should with my diet.
45. I am one of the very few people I know who doesn't drink coffee, nor ever did.
46. I am a list maker.
47. I do it so I can cross things off lists.
48. I have met people I met on the internet.
49. It was through a children's book message board (Trixie Belden)
50. I feel I have improved my "style" by watching shows like "How do I look?" and "What not to Wear".

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Nise' said...

Found may way here via Cadipillar Days Spring Reading Thing and read your 100 things. I smiled at #3 as that is so me and I am already at #43! Paying for all those summers in the sun. I still sit out in the sun, but cover up my hair and face!