Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Week

I can't believe I fell away from the blogging thing after I said I was going to do better cause I wanted to. After 3 days at work, last weekend was kind of blah. We were supposed to head to my aunt's on Saturday night but I felt flu symptoms coming. I never did "get sick" so we caught up with family on Sunday at a brunch in memory of my grandparents.

A full week at work wore me out though. I had to work Tuesday night, meeting Thursday and cancelled our plans for Friday due to fatigue. We were just going to head out to an RV show, but I would rather go to the car show in Pittsburgh since we are looking to get one come March or April. Today we spent money at Wally's, Sam's and I used gift cards, personal shopping day and found sales at Borders. We mainly bought long term foods, like meat, but also found new lamps we both liked and really needed since both of them were either flickering and hissing or would go out after a slight bump to the table. Yeah for good buys and finding what you want.

I do have more to say, but dinner is getting cold. . .get a beverage and snack. I hope to be back.

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