Sunday, October 15, 2006

A weekend with nothing

Last weekend was "full" of stuff. . .I taught my last underage drinking class for this cycle, a bridal shower, an Apple Fest and an evening of food, drink and conversation at a friend's. The week didn't get much better since I had to drive 30 miles to do some paperwork for my 2nd job, and then work at 2nd job on Tuesday. I hosted a meeting here on Thursday, so Wednesday was cleaning and prepping day. By Friday night, I was happy to just sit on the couch and watch TV with hubby.

We did end up eating out and doing a bit of shopping yesterday. It was 25% off for educator's at Borders so I got my 2007 calender, a book for me and a gift for hubby for Christmas. I also picked up 2 pair of boots at Walmart. They are suede like but stretchy and have a wedge heel. I haven't had anything like this, but have been wanting something like this for wearing out. I usually don't wear heels but these are wedges so I think they should be more comfy. The price was right for something I won't wear daily or walk in much so I got both black and brown. I started the shopping by needing coke/pepsi and sprite/sierra mist for a taste test in my Psych class, but we ended up with a bit more stuff.

Last Sunday was just a gorgeous Indian summer day here, and we spent it outside at an Apple Fest where I got 2 gifts for niece and nephew, some delicious Honey Crisp apples, and a new decoration for our front door (for spring though so I have to wait a while to use it). We also walked among the over 1000 cars that were there for the car show in this small town north of us. It was a great way to spend the day, especially since this weekend, although sunny, is 20 degrees colder than last weekend.

Today, we are going out to brunch, and then I want to make a beaded bracelet for a co-worker whose birthday was last weekend, read a bit, and enjoy a lazy day. I have much to do this week, and next weekend appears to be a busy time as well. I am making a list of things I must complete this week. . .like pick up our sponsor paper from church so we can send it to my brother for his son's baptism in November, call about a craft show at which I would like to take my bookmarks and magnets, and do my lesson plans for the next month. It was nice to have some days to just enjoy home and each other.

**I did watch a bit of QVC cooking day yesterday, but didn't buy anything which was good for me!!**

It is good to be back here and keeping track of my world.

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