Saturday, January 14, 2006

Friday. . .the 13th

Today would have been my grandfather's birthday. He has been gone for 3 years this month, but I still expect to see him when I go and visit my grandmother's home. It has not been easy for my Mom and her sisters since they have had to have care for my gram 24/7 since he died. They have daytime caretakers that she pays for, but at night, each of them takes a night or two to sleep there, and weekends are all theirs as well. My mom finally had enough mentally for many reasons, and stopped going on a regular basis (plus they travel to see my niece and nephew and brothers) so it was tough for her. Supposedly my gram is on an assisted living waiting list, but no one knows when there might be a place. It has been tough. And I know first hand cause I did help for a while but I really thought it was temporary and my schedule with 2 jobs just got to be too much.

Anyway, the computer is updated. I am happy about that, cause now we can use safari, can get rid of dial up at home, and things are working better.

Tomorrow is a day of errands, and I guess football for hubby in the evening. Notice, once again, not too much going on here in my life, but thanks to all who stopped in or emailed to let me know you got my message about the change. I do like having a place to "write and sort things out".


eyeovthestorm said...

Sorry to hear about your loss but I'm sure your grandfather is smiling down on you and glad you always remember him.

Shannon said...

Glad that you are back... I missed your blog while it was being switched to this... have a great week!

Pam said...

I hope your grandmother gets a place very soon, I'm sure it must be so hard on your family especially your mother. It's so hard missing loved ones isn't it? *Hugs!*