Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Taking it one thing at a time

So, I have a busy week ahead. I have planning a banquet (small one--27 people) at a local restaurant, have tickets to see a play (Miss Saigon) on Saturday, AFTER I attend a meeting for Relay for Life with 2 people from work. In there, Keith and I also will be attending a blessing for my mother and Bill which means by the Catholic church since they can now be married by the church. Sunday, the Steelers are playing so there will be some get together of the friends circle, and then Monday its back to work both at day and at night. Hm. Maybe I felt sick today because of all I have coming up.

Whatever it was, I was home today feeling under the weather with stomach issues. Enough said, and I feel much better now.

I know things have been boring here, but I am not sure what things I want to discuss so far. And, it is still getting used to blogging again that is part of it. I know there are things to discuss, issues to voice opinions on, and life to report on, but for now, I am taking my days one at a time.


Shannon said...

So, how was your busy weekend? I hope everything went well... have a great week!

Lisanne said...

The stomach thing has *really* been going around ~ man, I *haaaate* winter! :( I hope that you feel better soon. Sounds like you're busy! "Miss Saigon"? OMG, that's my *favorite* Broadway play.