Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday weekend

For many its a holiday weekend, for me, its just another week off for summer break. But it is also a time when I don't feel guilty for not going into school to see what is happening there. We had some family fun these past 2 days, and have more planned for this week. On Saturday, there was a huge family reunion for my grandmother's descendents/siblings, etc. There are: (from my great grandparents. ..) 7 children (my gram was one), 47 grandchildren (my mom), 98 great-grandchildren (me) and 46 great-great grandchildren (my niece and nephew). I know so many of my second cousins cause I was the 3rd oldest great grandchild. . .and older than some of my mom's first cousins. I also know many of the younger generation cause they are attending St. Joe's. It is fun to see some of these folks outside of work. . .and its only every other year so its fun to have the reunion.

Today we drove with my Mom and Bill to Portage for a picnic which got majorly stormed on. We had great food, laughs, card games, and a peaceful drive. I hope its nice enough the next couple of days to head to the pool, and we will be heading to MJ's for a picnic on Tuesday.

(Since I am using this laptop, I have hit an "8" at least 10 times while typing cause my nails are long. . .I want a bigger computer keyboard!!)

On a closing note, I have been thinking of a few friendships I have had that have drifted off. And it makes me feel sad. I wish I had done things differently to keep them alive because each of the women brought something to my life---wisdom, laughter, listening, and just being there. I know that friendships end, but I have always wanted myself to be the one who would work to keep them alive, and I feel disappointed in myself that I couldn't or didn't. I am very happy to have my friends from college still around, and that Laurie and I have restarted our friendship, but I miss these 3 women for many reasons.
And I just don't know if I can make things right or get back to a point where we are as close as we were, but maybe I should try. I do believe that sometimes friends give you what they have and what you need for a time, but after sharing so much, it hurts to see things end.

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Lisanne said...

I understand what you mean about those friendships. I have two friends in particular where ... I don't know, our relationship has just kind of fizzled. I think that friends come into your life for a reason, and sometimes they just leave when the time is right ~ when that reason is finished. You know what I mean?