Friday, August 10, 2007

Updating books read and more

Two quick things:

I am updating my books read as I finish books, so if you like to read and want to see what I have read in August, keep checking.

Second, Maanika. . .welcome!! I haven't heard from you in ages, and would like to stay in touch so can you email me your email!!! I lost a lot I had saved, and you may have a new one since the last time we chatted.


M said...

I have two, one at hotmail and one at gmail. I've had the hotmail one for years, so chances are, if you have that one, it's still good. :)

(In case you don't, I sent an email to the last addy I had for you... hope it gets through!)


Shannon said...

ohhh i will have to check out what books you are reading... hope you are having a great summer... I will have to catch up with ya later hehehe! My new blog is here-