Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No office or kids for a week. . .what?

We had a 3 day week in a way, but we do have Parent-Student-Teacher conferences tomorrow. I have letters of rec to write while I see the 30 students I do teach, and things I hope to mail out tomorrow as well. Friday is a day off. Monday is my medical test, and Tuesday is a meeting out of the building. So, what seemed to be a long month is not quickly passing.
I am going to try and enjoy the long weekend but I do have some paperwork to do for DUI class, and I teach my last Saturday am class, but I still think it will be somewhat relaxing. (either way, I PLAN on some relaxing as the weekend goes by----I deserve it)

I want to curl up with a good book, watch some trashy TV and think about Christmas shopping. I did buy a few things today off of a website: which is Lillian Vernon kids stuff, and I actually need to stop for my nieces and nephews. . .well, except for a cute book cause Aunt Chris always needs to get a book for them.

Anyway, Keith and I are cutting back, and I already do have some things for other people so things are going ok. . .

Off to watch some reality TV

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