Sunday, December 02, 2007

And December begins

The month is off to a good start, but then that voice in my head says I shouldn't tempt fate. I have some cookies baked for Christmas, even have some gifts wrapped although there are still more to do. We are looking at the list of things to do before family gets here on the 27th and working as a team, but also we have a week at Disney World to celebrate us.

I had a follow up with my doctor and the bone marrow biopsy I had was negative, and the CT scan didn't show any enlarged lymph nodes which were two things he was concerned with. I am iron deficient but not anemic so I will be getting 12 weeks of IV iron replacement beginning this week. The doc is also consulting some specialist within the field to check on some other results, so things are still at a "not sure" phase, which is OK with me since the worst of the tests so far have come back clear.

I did better blogging before, and have decided to try and make December my month to stay online with my thoughts. . .although we will be in FL from the 15th-22nd.


Deb said...

well....i'm all for you writing more often - so you have my vote ;->

Seriously, about all the doctor sounds like things are coming out..which is a blessing....

M said...

Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and all the best in the coming year. Hope that your trip to Disney was fun as always.